Amazing Video Shows Twin Babies Think They’re Still In The Womb

The birth of a child is the most beautiful thing that parents can experience in their life journey. We never forget the first moments in the maternity hospital, and the memories stay with us for a lifetime.

A video of two twins landed online years ago when they thought they were still in their mother’s womb while bathing in a tub.

The video of the two twins from France is already a real sensation on YouTube – in a few years, the scenes have reached almost 50 million views to date, and the response of both babies will undoubtedly brighten your day.

Nurse Sonia Rochel, who comes from Paris, has invented a very special Baby Spa after years of research and observation, with the help of which we achieve a pleasant relaxation at babies.

Babies in the water think they are still in the safe shelter of their mother’s womb – this is exactly what the twins thought in the video, which became an online hit years ago. Will the scenes with the twins in the bath take over you too?