When it comes to chronic liars they will say certain things that will let you know that there are not being honest. If you are aware of these things that they say you will know the difference between their truth and lies. There are 5 phrases that liars commonly say and if you are aware of these you will never become a victim again. The truth is at some point everyone lies for various reasons. Some people may lie so that not to upset another person with a simple truth. While others seek out to be deceptive in their lies in order to manipulate a person.

An officer of the law has tools that they can use such as a lie detector device. There are people in the police department that have been specifically trained to spot a liar when conducting these tests. Unfortunately people can be dishonest. For those of us who are not trained in spotting a liar are not able to tell when a person tells the truth or lies. Although you have not received training this does not mean you can’t spot the signs of a liar.

5 Phrases That Liars Use That Will Make You Believe

Lying in relationships can lead to all sorts of chaos and negative effects. The relationship can lead to financial hardships, an end in the relationship, trust issues, and a broken heart. Do you know how to spot a liar and do you know when someone is telling you the truth? There are ways to know the difference so that you are not taken advantage of. Lies negative effects learn to spot it so you can stop it.There are certain strategies that a liar may use and if you are aware of these 5 phrases it may be helpful in exposing their lies.

1. Honestly/ The Truth When It comes Down To It

It would be nice if people could be more honest instead of making up story that’s built around lies. One of the phrases a liar will you use will have the word honest in it. They may start the sentence off with “Well to be honest…”and then continue on with their story about what happened. A person who is being honest with you will not have to say they are being honest as they do not feel that they have to clarify that they are being honest with you.

2. Overly Detailed

Often times a liar will take the time to create a story in their head before they will speak with you. They will make sure to memorize every detail that they plan on telling you. This way they can have a good cover that will convince you that they are being honest.
An example would be that they could remember the exact time when certain things happened in an exact sequence of events. Such as I got out of the car and walked to the door at precisely a certain time. An ordinary person may recall that they got out of the car and walked to the door although they may not remember the exact time or if they had actually locked the door to the car. Adding too many details to a simple event could indicate a lie.


Using such words as always and never are usually a huge indicator that what the person is saying is actually a false statement. These words are used by liars in order for you to gain faith in what they are saying. It helps the liar look more reliable and trust worthy in your eyes.

4. The Words SHE/HE, WE, THEY, Are Used More Than The Word I

When a person will point at others and use them as an excuse to what happened is an indication of lie. When a person avoids using the word I and points their words towards another person they are most likely blaming the other person for something that they are lying about. The University Of Texas conducted a test about lie detection and the American Psychological Association recorded the test results. During the test it was common that 3 phrases were predictable when spotting a lie. These phrases are often used in order for a liar to make you believe that they are telling you the truth:

• Not using the word I when making a statement
• Negative words such as angry, sad, hate, and worthless
• An absence of words such as the word but and except

After the research software was developed to understand more in depth about the phrases that a liar often use. They were able to analyze what a liar says differently than someone who is being honest. Because of this technology the researchers were able to spot liars 67% of the time while the average person is only able to spot a liar around 52%.

5. Being Short With Answers, Denying, And Justifying Actions

At Michigan State University in the Communication Research Department they conducted a study on how much an America will lie each day. They had 1,000 U.S. adults involved in the study. They were asked to be honest in their answers about how many lies they may have told in a 24 hour time frame. 60% of the participants said they had not told any lies at all in the 24 hour period. 5% of the participants stated that they had lied. The final analysis was that the other 40% are guilty of lying.

A liar is easy to spot once you become aware of the signs. A liar will never admit to being wrong or guilty of anything. Even when they are confronted with evidence they will make excuses for why they did a certain thing but will not admit to any fault. They want to feel justified in their actions in order to make you believe their lies. A liar will also answer questions in with short sentence in order not give you too much information about what really happened.

According to UCLA Psychologists there are a few nonverbal cues that are indicators that a person is telling you lie. Along with the 5 phrases there are also nonverbal cues to help you spot a liar they are:

• The subject may look into your eyes to long

• They may touch their hair, nails, face, or skin to cause a distraction
• Their feet will often be away from you or towards a door
• Their movement may be nervous and fidgety

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