The majority of people are not aware of the fact that crying can help your body get rid of unwanted feelings naturally. Crying offers other great health benefits that are the following:

  • 1 –       Releasing Stress

Crying releases your stress by removing hormones and chemicals that are responsible for it. In contrast, if you restrain them they will develop into serious health issues like heart diseases and blood pressure.

  • 2 –      Uplifting your Mood

Usually when we cry there is an emotional response where the endocrine system releases endorphins. The latter is responsible for uplifting your mood. When you cry you give the opportunity to your body to gain its balance.

  • 3 –      Preventing Cold and Flu

Tears are an antibacterial and antiviral quick fix to battle the germs that we get in our eyes. A tear contains the fluid lysozyme which can kill up to 95% of all bacteria in just a few minutes.

  • 4 –      Detoxing your body

When you cry out of stress and sadness, your tears can clean your body from toxins collected.

  • 5 –      Lubrications.

One of the masteries of tears is it enables you to see. They dampen our eyes and hinder the dearth of the membranes surrounding the eyeball.

by A. EL Hani

Source: pharmapassport

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