21 Habits of Happy People

Happiness is one of the most desirable elements of life as nobody wants to be unhappy or sad. Despite life problems, people are doing all their best to be happy. “Happiness is a habit – cultivate it.” ~ Elbert Hubbard. Here are the 21 habits of happy people:

  • 1- Appreciate Life.

Be thankful for every day you are given in this life. Approach it without its wonders like a child. Enjoy every day. Don’t care too much about small things. Always focus on positive things rather than negative ones.

  • 2- Choose Friends Wisely.

Be with positive and happy friends. Be with the one who share your values and principles. Be with friends who can help you and show the best of you. The ones who can help you reach your destinations and never let you down when they are needed.

  • 3- Be Considerate.

Accept others as they are. Be generous with them. Help as much as you can without trying to modify the other. Never let someone down.

  • 4- Keep Learning.

Always be updated in all aspects of life. Try new daring things and hobbies.

  • 5- Creative Solving Activity.

Don’t feel pity for your problems try to solve them. Always try to confront new challenges. Try to learn from every obstacle you meet in life rather than letting it have a negative effect on it. Follow your instincts because in most cases they are right.

  • 6- Do What they Love.

Choose a job that you love and enjoy, not the one that gives you a high salary as the majority of our life time is spent in work. Find time for your interests and hobbies.

  • 7- Enjoy Life.

Live you real actual moment and don’t recall the past. Don’t bother about the future. Have time to see nature like the sea, waterfalls, sunset and sunrise.

  • 8- Laugh.

Don’t be serious in all the matters of life. Add some humor and laugh to it. They can be found in lots of situations.

  • 9- Forgive.

Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself when you make them. Forgive people as holding the grudge will be helpless for you.

  • 10- Gratitude.

Be grateful for things your own in life like family, friends and job. Find time and show them your love. Tell them that they are important in your life.

  • 11- Invest in Relationships.

Keep your promises and support your loved persons. Build your investments in good relations and be certain to make your loved ones know that your care and love them especially during quarrels.

  • 12- Keep their Word.

All you decisions and actions should be made with honesty. Be honest with yourself and with people around you.

  • 13- Mediate.

Practice mediation such as yoga and affirmations as they generate rest and activeness for your mind. This gives you energy and lets you operate with high performance.

  • 14- Mind their Own Business.

Create your life with your own style. Don’t easily judge others and don’t care too much about their life and what are they saying. Don’t listen to gossips. Don’t easily judge others and let them live their life as they desire it.

  • 15- Optimism.

Focus on the positive side of your life rather than its negative side. Keep in mind that everything happens for a specific reason which you may not always know the reason why it happens that way.

  • 16- Love Unconditionally.

Love people for who they are because their mistakes should not be a hindrance for you to stop loving them.

  • 17- Persistence.

Fight for your dreams and your goal. Learn the skills and the requirements that can lead to reach them. Make a blue print for your goal and work harder and take action.

  • 18- Be Proactive.

Let go and bear things you can’t change because happy people always let go things they can’t control. Understand that humans are not perfects as they have several limitations. Do your best to control and create an outcome for what you want.

  • 19- Self-Care.

Take care of your health by visiting a doctor and having regular checkup. Eat healthy food, do a lot of workouts and drink a lot of water. Take rest and don’t burn your body. Take care of your mind by engaging it in challenging tasks.

  • 20- Self-confidence.

Have confidence and trust in yourself. Don’t try to be who you are not. Take out the best of your qualities and don’t be someone who you are not.

  • 21- Take Responsibility.

Be completely responsible for your life like words moods and actions as it is one of the main characteristics of happy people. Accept and admit it when you make mistakes.
One thing to bear in mind is the more you integrate all these habits in your life, the happier you will live.

by A. Elhani

Source: Cindy Holbrook

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