A 15-Year-Old Boy Invents A Way To Charge Your Phone With Your Shoes

Angelo Casimiro, a 15 years old Philippian teenager recently broke into the international scene by coming up with a unique innovation which generates electrical energy in an interesting manner.

The innovation was a special kind of footwear which generates electricity by simply wearing it and walking. He made this device by making use of piezoelectric material which are known to generate an alternating current voltage whenever they are squeezed by some reasonable weight.

According to one blog past posted by young Angelo, since mid-18th century, piezoelectricity has been around. Being an electric charge which accumulates within certain solid substances such as ceramics and crystals, piezoelectricity releases some current in response to the application of some mechanical stress.

The teenager took 4 years of hard word to come up with this development and that means he begun the work as soon as he was 11 years of age. Upon believing that the invention was in a perfect working state, he decided to share it with the entire world. Angelo entered his innovation into Google’s Science Fair of this year and ended up becoming a regional finalist youngster.

When in operation, the device can charge small battery operated devices such as smartphones as well as other electronic devices. Though it does not appear like a big deal, in the real sense it is a big innovation. The thought of avoiding to charge your phone when n vacation, on a hike or at a festival sums the uniqueness behind it.

On top of this, the boy has lefts this innovation to be open sourced and this means that those who are interested have the freedom of adding their own ideas so as to improve the device so as to widen its scope of application.

Though this innovation is fully functional, Angelo reveals that it is not in a position for mass distribution.

By visiting Angelo’s informative site, you can access the step by step procedure of making the electricity generating footwear.

Source: Collective- Evolution 

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