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Understanding Your Spiritual Awakening!

People all across the world are experiencing a new spiritual awakening. They feel the growing consciousness of enlightened people everywhere who are together transforming our old world into something new and beautiful.

Once you have experienced this growing consciousness, it is impossible to remember what it felt like before. You now see right through all of the lies that kept you blinded and distracted before. At first you think you are going crazy because your whole world is so different, but you soon realize that what you are experiencing is the Divine truth and you now see the world the way it truly is. You realize that your new spirituality is a personal choice to live free from the mental programming that has been passed down to you, and live each day in full conscious awareness of the world around you.

You are now part of a growing movement of Light workers and Earth Warriors who have experienced a spiritual awakening and embraced their higher consciousness!

This message is a guide for anyone who has experienced this spiritual awakening. You are not alone! You are not going crazy! When you begin to perceive the true universe in motion you will experience the synchronicity, serendipity and new dimensional perception that truly guides our fates.

This spiritual awakening takes time, and you will slowly see your world change around you. Using your empathic abilities, you will experience unbelievable events and amazing miracles that you cannot explain, but you know that you will not need to! You will have lost your need to judge and explain everything, and will just accept that you are part of much larger forces than yourself.

Religion and spirituality are deeply intertwined, but they are not the same thing. You can be spiritual without being religious and religious without being spiritual. How you interpret the meaning of your growing consciousness is up to you! If you want to involve theological practice and ritual to give structure and meaning to you spiritual awakening, then that is your choice. This new consciousness is universal, and is the source of all religions and philosophies from around the world and in history. You can understand the connection between all of these ideas by seeing their shared birth in your new spirituality.

What is this new spiritual awakening? Your awakening is you growing out of the fears and ideas that you were raised in, and removing the chains that kept you controlled and blind. When you embrace the Divine or God, all of these old ideas and fears disappear. You begin to embrace the unknown and the new, opening yourself to a whole new world of learning and experience that leads to a more rich and fulfilling life. You no longer feel the need to dissect every idea and be more right than others. You accept everyone’s inherent humanness, and are prepared to just let things be as they are without the need to control or manipulate everything for yourself. You are now prepared to step back and let God be a guide for your life. Your spiritual awakening makes you more aware of the world and your place in it, and you are no longer afraid to experience it at its fullest!

Throughout this life-long process of growing consciousness and spiritual awakening you will have many different experiences as your new calling takes you to new places and you meet new people. Your new spiritual calling will show you the path to a more fulfilling life as you find your love for all of humanity and want to spread your spiritual awakening to all of them. Whatever happens, you will live a more genuine life connected to your truest dreams and desires, and you will fully express your divine gifts. All of this change will be guided by your faith that things will work out because you have let go of your old fears and placed your trust in the guidance of the Divine. As a famous poet said, ‘Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” This is the truest meaning of your spiritual awakening: to live life knowing that you are acting as the Divine would want you to, full of love and hope.

Most important of all, you will realize that you are not alone on this journey of spiritual awakening. Everyone is on a different path in this life to enhance their spiritual selves. You must share your experiences and meaning with those around you, and together you will help create a more beautiful and spiritual world for everyone. When you find your purpose is to heal this planet and enrich the lives of everyone around you, you begin to create your own living reality, and this is the goal of true spiritual awakening.

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