Understanding Conciousness With The Double-Slit Experiment

There are all kinds of sayings related to consciousness;
“It’s all in your head”
“Mind over matter”
… and so on and so forth, but what do these things really mean? Are all of our perceptions only as deep as our conceptualization goes? And what or who defines how we perceive things? It’s really a very complicated idea on how we conceptualize the things around us.

Scientists have long been trying to discover how light; the most basic of molecules travels in relation to holes in a defined pattern. Researchers have discovered that simply adding more holes and slits only enforces the idea that molecules (in this case) light travel in wavelengths at all time; and we cannot see these waves because of the limited amount of rods and cones in our eyes; however if we were able to see how light travels; we may very well be able to change the world.

Physicists have been using the double- slit experiment (two slits in a paper to try and manipulate light waves) to try and explain the way that light travels for years. And if particles of light travel the way they do; how can we not prove that the way that it moves is simply the way we want it to?

Evidence exists within the quantum realm have shown that reality is not all that it appears. Maybe it’s possible that the entire collective population on Earth are the ones that are really responsible for our perceptions; maybe our emotions and feelings that accompany us through our daily life really do make up our entire experience on Earth might follow the same tendencies as light particles, and do whatever they want. This would mean that our consciousnesses are defined by how we think things should act instead of what we want them to do, because of an ingrained idea that things are simply the way they are because they are; and everything we believe is just a figment of our imaginations- our bills, our wars, poverty, struggle; all of it because of our perception on life.

Scientists have been establishing theories for years to try and delve into these complicated issues; and through the years, they’ve found some positive results. In a blind study; researchers shot a single particle of light at a blank screen and asked participants to attempt to aim their focus (or concentrate) on where the particle should appear . A detector was attached to the machine and if the detector noticed any changes, it emitted a beep that changed frequency to notify the researchers that the particles changed location. What they found was that factors associated with consciousness significantly correlated change in the way light was formed from the double slit inference pattern; in other words, the subjects of the experiment created the results; instead of the results being imminent. The study was re-done a second time at a Buddhist temple; to examine the results of those experienced at meditating (Monks). They found those that had practiced meditation had a much higher “superior performance” as those who didn’t meditate. The third and fourth times they practiced the experiment after people had already done it (monks and non- mediators) and found that after they were comfortable with the way the experiment worked; the results were nearly triple what they were from the previous experiments in the fourth and fifth tests.

While the results from this research need to be duplicated, it shows an interesting idea. Can we, as humans affect the world around us by being positive? Are our cognitive overwhelming thoughts and ideas ruining our lives on Earth? Can we change the things we believe and thus create a completely different reality? Scientists are working to prove that we can, through the work of quantum physics; all we really have to do is stay positive and open-minded.

Source: Collective-Evolution 



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