Home Consciousness If You Have Trouble Getting Motivated, This May Be Why.

If You Have Trouble Getting Motivated, This May Be Why.

When you can’t seem to motivate yourself to get things done, the reasons aren’t always clear to see. If you had more energy, determination or drive to get moving along, you would be fine, but that’s easier said than done. You aren’t alone. Everyone who struggles to stay motivated will attest that they have great desires to take actions, unfortunately their mind and body don’t coordinate the efforts necessary.

Breaking free from these associations of getting nowhere, or being unable to motivate yourself is a good starting point. You can change your life patterns by finding out how you motivate yourself naturally. So let’s find a way to get motivated and be proactive about it.

If you feel unable to motivate yourself, these maybe some possible reasons. Try asking yourself the following questions and see how the answers relate to your lack of motivation recently.

Does your gut tell you something isn’t right?

It does this because that is where the solar plexus chakra resides, this energy center is where your body lets the mind and nervous system know to be aware or worried. It is the center for the fight or flight instinct. This is how all energy works within the body. The chakras are stimulated by our moods and emotional states and can be very useful in working out motivational problems throughout our lives.

Does how others see you, cause you to worry?

This is due to energy blockage in your body that has imprinted itself on your mind. Such engrams are linked directly to the seven chakra energy centers and only these can truly remove the blockages. They must be revitalized to become renewed with energy. This requires a combination of breathing, meditation and clearing your mind, so that you can spend time seeing each color of the rainbow. This is the primary way to visualize the seven chakras. Think of them in red, in orange, in yellow, in green, in blue, in indigo, in violet and in purple. Then visualize the seven coming together as one, under a banner of bright white light and ground yourself as well.

Other possible issues with motivation

Having a balanced solar plexus chakra will help with self esteem, confidence, control and energy. After getting in sync with this chakra, you should feel more motivation, if not you should consider what the problem really is. Psychologically, most motivation is assisted with focused breathing techniques, visualization and facing past blockages head on. Asking yourself for forgiveness can be a liberating experience, as can confronting past enemies, family members, and people that have guilt associations in your personal life.Also fear of failure can breakdown motivation, so these issues should be addressed by anyone experiencing motivational problems of any kind.

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