Traveling Around The Globe Can Help Your Body, Mind, And Soul In A Handful Of Ways

For over 27 years, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of traveling around the world to see the countless of one-of-a-kind panoramas that are in it. I have indeed been very fortunate and blessed! In every one of my travels, I have noticed that our planet provides an immense and vast territory that would take lifetimes to discover.

Traveling has spiritually expanded me and has given me both challenging and pleasurable opportunities for personal growth.
Whether you are thinking about becoming a frequent traveler or already are one, here my top 5 most consistent and common reflections I have had over the years from being a constant traveler.

  • 1. Gratitude

Every time I travel to a different destination and begin to see everything that surrounds me, I feel a sense of gratitude for being able to have energy, time, and the financial means to take time off my schedule to spend some time with my partner, friends, or family in a breathtaking place.

You see, I’ve realized that gratitude shows up when you allow yourself to experience the beauty that this globe has to offer. When you see how other people live in other cultures that are not as fortunate as yours, you’ll begin to anticipate returning home to what you might have been taking for granted for the longest time.

  • 2. Being Present

When you travel, you will be 100% living in the moment, as you need a certain amount of self-awareness, keen observation, street smarts, and focus to catch a train or drive a road or find a hotel.

Your mind, body, and soul will be living in the moment, which is a very good thing, as you never know if you’ll ever visit that particular place again and smell the aromas that are associated with it.

If your mind is wandering, you will be missing out on a knowledge-expanding experience.

  • 3. Fully Being Yourself

When you travel, you have the opportunity to fully practice being yourself, as nobody will know who you are, where you come from, and what you do. You will naturally attract new friends, adventures you had not planned, and attract interesting conversations. You will be free to let yourself go 100%.

  • 4. Connection

Believe it or not, when you build a connection with local people, culture, food, and the land you are visiting, you will feel some sort of union, as that is the very essence of humanity that keeps us breathing.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the language or can’t relate to the rituals of a place; when you allow yourself to let go of the mind’s ability to create separation, there will be compassion and unity. There will be no type of barriers between the world and you.

  • 5. Surrender

Traveling has the power of pressing the pause button of your life while resetting you through the act of surrendering and letting go. Removing yourself for a couple of days from what’s bothering you will make you relax. When you relax, your mind, body, and soul recharge, which opens you up to new ideas about how to handle your life.
I hope that is list has inspired you to embark or keep embarking on some form of travel so that you can experience these 5 reflections that are listed on this list. Bon voyage!

Frances Luna
Source: Collective-Evolution

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