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Top 15 Signs That Show You Are An Independent Woman

Independence is a very admirable trait that every strong woman should have. Being independent means that she is able to command any room when she walks into. She knows what she wants and is able to get there all by herself. Being independent means that she has her own set of beliefs and opinions that she is not scared to show. An independent woman is not a damsel in distress, she has the ability to save herself. She has her own plans and nothing can divert or distract her from achieving them. She does things differently, and as a result, she is powerful and stands out from the crowd.

Being independent causes women do things differently. Here are the top 10 traits of an independent woman.

1. Makes Decisions

An independent woman is afraid to make decisions. When there is a problem she decides what has to be done. She never has to worry about hurting someone’s feelings. She knows what has to be done and then gets it done.

2. Gets Things Done

When she knows that has to be done she gets it done. She will not wait around for someone’s permission or wait to see if someone else will do it first. She steps up and does the task at hand.

3. Tells it Like It Is

If something gets screwed up she will let you know about it. Independent women will call you out when she sees you behaving badly. She will not spend time beating around the bush or try to figure out how to spare your feelings.

4. Confident

Since she knows her strengths and weakness she is able to believe in herself. Independent women do not fall into the negative self-image trap because she knows that she is awesome.

5. Self-Reliant

Being a self-reliant woman means that she does not stand around waiting for someone else to do things for her. When she does not know how to do things, she will spend time learning how to do it. She never expects other people to solve her problems.

6. Does not need Constant Validation

Unlike other women who are dependent on constant validation from social media, an independent woman does not need it. She respects herself and as a result, she does not need other people to build up her ego.

7. Makes Things Happen

When there is an absence of leadership, a self-reliant woman will step up and lead. She is a born leader that is proactive instead of reactive.

8. Does not Play the Victim

Life happens, and she does not let adversity define who she is. A self-reliant woman will no blame other people for her situation. Instead, she will find a way to make it better.

9. Waits for No Man

An independent woman waits for no man. If she wants something you just goes out and gets it. She does not wait for love to find her, instead, she goes out and finds it for herself.

10. Invests in Herself

Independent women will invest money, energy, and time on making herself a better person. She knows that to help others she has to take care of herself first.

11. Take Risks

She takes the time to calculate risks and weighs her options before making a decision. After she has done that she will go for it.

12. Goal Oriented

An independent woman knows what she wants to do and comes up with a plan. She overcomes obstacles to be able to reach her goals.

13. Self-Motivating

Being independent means that sh is able to encourage herself to reach her goals. She can produce her own enthusiasm that can be contagious to other people.

14. Does Not Complain

An independent woman does not waste time complaining about things being done. Instead, she will do it herself, so it gets done.

15. Does Things Alone

Unlike other women, an independent woman is not afraid to do things by herself. She does not wait around for someone to hold her hand.