Top 10 Alternatives to Sugar

Sugar is one of the most used substances in our daily life. We use it in a variety of food starting from our morning coffee to processed food. However, we are aware that it causes lots of diseases like obesity and diabetes. Here is a list of ten natural alternatives to sugar.

  • 1- Stevia

Stevia is a herb that is 300 times sweeter than sugar. The reason why it is one of the best alternatives to sugar as it embodies no calories and it has no glycemic impact. It is suitable for   people who suffer from diabetes and weight watchers.

  • 2- Xylitol

One of the main benefits of Xylitol is it prevents the growth of bacteria. It is special because it is five-carbon not six as the other kinds of sugar. It can be found naturally in fruits, vegetables, some hard tress and even our body produces it.

  • 3- Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar is produced through the sap of the coconut palm. It’s heated to evaporate its water content and then turned into little grain sugar. It has a very low glycemic ratio. It is also richer than brown sugar.

  • 4- Date sugar

It is made mainly from dried dates. It keeps the same nutritional benefits of fresh dates. It can be used in drinks and it tastes great when added to wholegrain bread.

  • 5- Honey

It is natural, locally produced and it has a wide range of vitamins. It is very sweet which means you will use a small amount. It can be added to your tea or coffee and also it can be used in a variety of food types.

  • 6- Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup is normally a liquid that is used in cakes and cookies as it tastes better than sugar. As it is a liquid, you can extract its sugar to from dehydrated maple syrup.

  • 7- Fruit juice

It is one of the best sources of natural sugar. It is suitable for adding sweets to cookies and cakes. It has some high nutritional benefits. The best thing to bear in mind is using fresh fruits.

  • 8- Molasses

It is produced from sugar cane in a traditional and natural way to keep its main benefits. Molasses is rich of iron and calcium. It is sweeter than sugar which means you will always use a small amount.  It can be used also in baking.

  • 9- Brown Rice Syrup

It is extracted from boiling brown rice. It is free of gluten and weat. It is preferred to be used with cooking rather than adding it to tea. It contains all the maturational benefits of brown rice.

  • 10- Barley Mat Syrup

Although it can not be a good choice for adding it with tea or coffee, but it has malty taste. It is suitable for baking. One of its major advantages is it has a low ratio of glycemic which makes it a good choice for people who suffer from diabetics.

By A. El Hani

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