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Think You Know Your Brain? 9 Things You Didn’t Know Your Brain Could Do

When it comes to brain research, much has been discovered in the last 20 years compared to all other years combined. Medical advances and tremendous growth of brain imaging technology are the two main factors that can be attributed to the countless discoveries. Since there is no sign that the growth pace is likely to reduce anytime soon, more amazing discoveries about how the brain functions are in the offing.

Here are nine shocking brain facts you did not know about the brain.

The Brain Can Make Itself Smarter

Initially, it was thought that genetics played a huge role in matters intelligence. Researchers have also concluded that intelligence was fixed in life. According to recent research, none of this is true. While genetics play a great role in someone’s innate intelligence, it is in no way the only determinant. Actually, American scientists published the following truths about the human brain:

  • People can increase the cognitive ability of their brain
  • Intellectual challenges normally increase intellectual capabilities
  • Fluid intelligence is highly trainable
  • Countless tasks exist to increase one’s intelligence

It Can Be Rewired

The brain is extraordinary in its capability to adapt. According to research, meditation normally brings with it plenty of benefits to practitioners by improving self-control, increasing focus and lowering anxiety. It is possible for your brain to be rewired for improved memory and enhanced creative ability.

The Brain Grows In Size

In certain areas, the brain is capable of growing denser. Going by a process named neuroplasticity, the brain is capable of forming absolutely new connections throughout life. However, the brain cannot develop at the same rate it did during early childhood.

It Shrinks In Size

Stress is the number one cause that decreases the size of the brain. According to animal studies, chronic stress can shrink the hippo-campus part of the brain. Current studies are analyzing whether PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) shrinks the hippo-campus in patients.

The Brain Performs Better When Tired

Based on contemporary thought, the brain works much better when one is alert and fresh. This is only true for work that entails analysis and logic, when it comes to creativity, the brain performs better when one is tired.

It Clears Out Toxins

Scientists from the University of Rochester discovered activity in the brain that showed ‘cleaning out’ of lethal molecules often related to neurodegeneration.

The Brain Is Like A Power In A Light Bulb

The countless number of electrical connections that fire at any given time is high. In fact, the electric impulses are so many that they could hypothetically power any light bulb. Your brain can produce an equivalent of roughly 25 watts.

It Processes Information Faster Compared To Any Personal Computer

The processing power of the brain steamrolls almost every tech device made by man. This is according to engineers at Fujitsu.

The Brain Functions After Death

NDEs (Near-death experiences) are a common occurrence. According to a study done at a Dutch hospital, `18% of the 344 patients suffering from cardiac-related issues, recalled having life experiences after being considered clinically dead.
Having read the above nine revelations, it is common for most people to be shocked that they really did not know much about their brain. In the coming days or months, more and more facts are expected to be revealed related to the science and brain.

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