Theories of Tree Hugging Benefits Explained

According to scientific studies, it has been verified that hugging trees is a good way to improve your health. Actually, studies reveal that you do not even have to touch a tree to get its beneficial effects; you can just be in the vicinity of it. Nature and science go hand in hand on this finding which in turn helps us to improve our spirituality health through connections with nature.


In a published book by author Matthew Silverstone titled: “Blinded by Science”, it scientifically proves that trees do in fact effect health positively with benefactors such as concentration level increase, reaction time improvement, depression minimization, stress relief and many other mental illness resolutions. It has also been revealed that trees also have the ability to soothe and relieve headaches.


Trees are great with children. The author has discovered that psychological and physiological improvements results when children interact with trees, which improves their learning capabilities. Their cognitive and emotional functionality is much better which improves their creative play as well. The author says, and I quote, ” access to nature can significantly contribute to our mental capital and wellbeing”.


So, it is stated that nature is healthy for human beings, but why? According to Matthew Silverstone, nature gives off vibrational properties from plants and trees which when contacted by human beings, connects to our bodies in a positive manner which benefits certain aspects of our health.


The way that trees affect us physiologically is quite simple if you’re curious. The vibrational properties in trees – as in everything- affect biological behaviors. If you take a glass of water for instance that has been treated with a 10hz vibration, your blood coagulation rates will change instantaneously when ingesting the treated water. This same type of response goes for trees too. The vibrations that come from the trees affect our biological state which affects our biological behavior that causes a healthy physiological response.


If you read “Blinded Science”, you’ll come to find how this particular idea is backed by numerous scientific study findings that convincingly reveal that tree hugging is in fact beneficial to our health.


Another idea that is a big factor in this tree health theory is Taoism.


Taoist master Mantak Chia teaches his students to meditate with trees, in Doing so releases our stored negative energies. In a Cosmic Tree Healing Qigong method, he teaches his students to align their bodies with the energetic field of a tree. This method, according to Mantak Chia, helps to transform the body’s negative and sick energy into positive and healthy energy. Connecting your energy to a tree makes life with an emotional and physical positivity that much more manageable.


Toaist’s theory suggests that because a tree is still, it absorbs earth’s energy and forces from heaven better just based on the fact that it is a living still being. Trees are naturally absorbers of light which they transform into food, this same process is applied with earth’s and heaven’s energy too. Taaoist sees these positive plant energy properties as a form of their natural language which in meditation with trees, they are in reception of and are benefactors of its communication.


A laboratory that studies plant vibrational energies in Italy, called Damanhur, has managed to create a pretty interested event called “Plant Concerts”. This concert features trees that sing! Researchers at Damanhur, since 1976, have been using their invented equipment that captures the electromagnetic changes on the surface of leaves and roots of trees and converts them into sound. Musicians will play their music in accordance with the tree’s music and create an awesome band for people to enjoy.


Nature and science findings are our way to facts about life, which helps us to understand our nature and spirituality connection. With this tree hugging theory explained through scientific studies, we can now understand the benefits of such and be more in harmony with this practice.

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