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The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Car: It’s Made Entirely From HEMP

No one would have ever thought that one plant could be the solution to many of the problems which are occurring around the work. Hemp is a plant that has over 50,000 ways it can be used. However, there is much confusion among many people because this plant is actually illegal in many areas. One reason for this is hemp can be used to make fabrics, various clothes, medicine, and much more. The various uses for this plant means it is a threat to corporations that control health, energy, and other industries. If hemp is ever legalized, then there profits would start to decline. The automotive industry also has much to lose.

The Canadian government is currently not opposed to help farming and is offering support as there will be increased benefits for people and the environment. This is not seen within the United States. The Kestrel is seen as the most eco-friendly car in the world and is manufactured in Canada. This top speed of this car is 90 km per hour and has a range of 100 miles before a recharge is needed. The motor in the car is made by TM4 Electrodynamic Systems, which is a company based in Quebec.

The weight of the car is about 2,500 pounds and has a price that is affordable. The production model of the car can hold four passengers and was to be available to the public later this year. However, noise for the vehicle has become quiet. One interesting aspect of this car is the body is made of hemp. This is the reason it is completely impact-resistant.

This is not the first time hemp has been used for making a car. The Model T back in the 1940s is a type of car that was made using hemp. This particular vehicle was 10 times more durable than steel and was made to run on bio-fuel made from hemp.

One aspect about developing cars that help the environment and are economical for the consumer is the lack of profits for major corporations. This is the reason many good ideas get suppressed. Oil needed to create gasoline and other products meant more money could be made using materials that are often bad for the environment.

Hemp is a product that complies with every type of eco-friendly standard. The effect this plant on most industries in the last decade is the reason it was outlawed in the United States in 1937. One detail about hemp is it is a natural resource. This means its availability is virtually unlimited. I will still be a threat to an assortment of economic and financial interests of major industries for many years. However, there are a variety of new technologies and methods now being implemented to achieve harmony with the planet.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

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