Home Consciousness The 12 Long Lasting Gifts Ancient Greece Gave To Our World

The 12 Long Lasting Gifts Ancient Greece Gave To Our World

There are times when we need to give credit where credit is due. Ancient Greece is responsible for many of our globe’s early steps into science, education, politics, and language. The brilliant Greek minds of that era have fueled progress throughout the centuries (read below).

The 12 Long Lasting Gifts Ancient Greece Gave to Our World

  • Home of the ‘Father of History’

Yes, ancient Greece was the native land of the first recognized historian: Herodotus. Born around 484 BC, Herodotus spent much of his time exploring the world and collecting stories. His stories are still present to this day.

  • Home of the Most Famous Mathematicians

Thales of Miletus was recognized in ancient Greece as one of the wisest men in the land. The Thales’ theorem and Intercept theorem stemmed from his work. Thales’ theorem is used in every modern-day geometry class.

  • Home of the Western Philosophic Thought

The shaping of Western thought as we know it is due to the research and conversation of wise Greeks regarding how men exist within the globe, capabilities of the human senses, and the role of knowledge in society.

  • Home of the Initial Concept of Democracy

You have probably read in a history book a saying that made Abraham Lincoln stand-out from the rest of the presidents that had been in charge of the United Statesbefore him: ‘a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.’ Well, believe it or not, this saying was inspired by Demokratia. His main goal was to give ‘power to the people’ by giving each Athenian the right to vote, weigh in court’s affairs, pass laws, and elect officials.

  • Home of the First Trial that Included a Jury

Yes, the idea of having a jury to decide the future of a defendant arose in ancient Greece. Nowadays, in numerous of nations, a jury always plays a very important role in many court cases.

  • Home of Mythology

From Athena, Hercules, Thalia, and etc., ancient Greeks were true professionals in storytelling. Their myths were used to teach people about nature, heroes, gods, and the reason why they practiced religion the way they did.

  • Home of the Theater

Reading dramatic poetry on stage, comedic plays, and drama plays first originated in ancient Greece. Nowadays, these things still play a very important role in the lives of an uncountable number of people around the globe.

  • Home of the First Olympics

Ancient Greeks began to host the Olympic games in the city of Olympia more than 3,000 years ago. To this day, the Olympics are stillgoing strong. They take place every four years and are seen by more thanone billion individuals in the world.

  • Home of the Beautiful Architecture

When religion began to become a prominent factor in the everyday lives of the Greeks, they began to construct temples that reflected this devotion. The Erechtheum and the Parthenon are two examples of how beautiful their skills were. They always made sure to play great attention to detail. Their precision and skill behind the buildings they built have been the inspiration for the constructing of many modern buildings that exist worldwide.
Home of Incredible Collection of Pottery and Sculptures
Ancient Greeks showed us how one can use bronze, limestone, and marble to make beautiful creations of pottery and sculptures. These methods are still use to this day.

  • Home of True Tranquility

Greek philosopher Epicurus believed that to achieve a mental state of inner tranquility, one must not try toincrease the sense of pleasure, but instead, eliminate any unnecessary desires from the equation. His famous principles are still taught worldwide.

  • Home of the Meaningful Word for ‘Happiness’

In his works, Aristotle introduced the term Eudaimonia, which is basically a simpler way of expressing a feeling that reflects a full sense of happiness. Every day, we all strive for Eudaimonia.

Frances Luna
Source: Huffington Post 


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