Technology Is A Double-Edged Sword

When I think about how I raised my children, they are grown up people now, I was always on the same page as Steven Jobs. While technology definitely makes an adult’s life easier in some respects, it often short-circuits “thinking outside of the box.” Case in point, while at the grocery store the other day, and the cash register went off line, the cashier could not figure out how to make change without her crutch helping her.

There are plenty of other examples of this, I Pads, while making the access of music easier, also limit the variety of music kids listen to.The simple pleasure of reading a book that you can touch in your hands, is not quite the same when it is in a Kindle, kind of takes the enjoyment out of it.

Technology often gives our kids the answer, rather then letting them figure it out for themselves. It’s like reading the solutions to math problems instead of doing them yourself, or reading the end of a book, so you do not have to read all the pages in between Chapter one and the conclusion. Smartphones with all those apps, nothing wrong with a “low tech” phone that does one thing well, and that is make phone calls.

If we allow our kids to experience what the world has to offer, instead of covering it up in multiple layers of technology, which tends to distance them from such things as nature, interpersonal relationships, learning the meaning of music, learning how to make intelligent conversation, learning the intrinsic meaning of the vocabulary in the books they read. Forbidding them to take shortcuts in their education by buying academic papers, or plagiarizing other people’s work to get a better grade. We, as parents have to take the moral high ground and keep our children “right sized.” They can not feel that the world owes them a living. Anything that they accomplish has to come as a result of their hard work.

If they accomplish anything using the technology available, it was not their effort that made the achievement, they took the easy way out, and therefore they really did not learn anything from it.

Source: The Mind Unleashed 


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