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Study Shows Substance in Ginger Destroys Leukemia without Harming Normal Cells!

Modern science is advancing at a rapid pace and every week we hear of promising new studies looking at ways to cure the world’s major diseases. Every now and again, scientists are surprised to find that natural substances have anti-disease properties, and that’s exactly what happened again recently.

Chinese Scientists have confirmed that ginger kills Leukemia cells. The study, conducted in November 2013, found that a prominent compound in ginger called “6-Shagaol” triggers apoptosis (cell death) in Leukemia cells. The exciting study has been repeated again and again, both in vivo and in vitro, and appears to be completely side-effect free. The scientists involved said in their statement that 6-Sgagoal could “induce cell death in a variety of cancer cells including human lung cancer, colorectal carcinoma, hepatocarcinoma and ovarian and breast cancer cells”.

As with most genuine scientific studies performed on natural alternative cancer treatments, the 6-Shagaol in ginger root shows the amazing ability to destroy cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells completely unharmed. Even with this promising news, it’s important to remember that for a substance to be officially used as a treatment for disease, it has to go through a long and tedious certification process. More studies need to be done before any human trials are undertaken.

After hearing this news, many people will want to start incorporating ginger into their diet. Preserving the 6-Shagoal compound is vital, so a whole foods approach is advisable. Probably the best and most effective way to incorporate gingers amazing compounds into your diet is by consuming fresh ginger tea. This can easily be prepared by seeping/soaking fresh, slicedginger root in hot water for 10 minutes and then consuming.

Ginger has been used as a natural medicine by various cultures for thousands of years. It’s good to see that science is now confirming the benefits those before us knew long ago.

by Martin Shepherd

Source: molecular-cancer

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