Strong Words From Cameron Diaz Concerning Money, Fame, And Being Happy

To be a professional success is not hard. To have a successful personal life is a lot harder. To be human is still harder. We often forget about that. According to Yann Arthus Bertand who is the director of the film Human these are words to live by.

Celebrities use their fame to inspire people and create awareness about important social issues and current cultural trends. While people can use the encouragement, there are some celebrities that take things too far. Some of them want to be worshipped like a God. Many people look at them and will purchase a product that they are the spokesperson for. Celebrities can be seen on billboards as well. This is a powerful marketing tool. Some celebrities even develop a cult following with their fame and fortune. Russell Brand is another celebrity that is trying to use his fame for good and to create change. Jim Carrey had some recent messages go viral that were designed to motivate and inspire. Woody Harrelson has taken similar actions along with many other actors and actresses.

Another example of this would be actress Cameron Diaz. She explains to people that money and fame does not bring happiness. Money is needed in this world. Money should not be the most important thing but people do need money to survive. If a person is constantly looking to make more money or obsessed with money and material possessions for happiness they will be disappointed. If people look for external sources of happiness in things such as possessions they will be looking to be happy their entire lives. They may never be able to find it if they think it is in the form of a possession.

Many people may already realize this but others do not. It is easy to get caught up in daily life. Many people do not take the time to stop and look at their own actions. They need to look at the big picture. They should ask, “What is really happening here?” “Why are we not happy?” “Are we looking for happiness in the wrong places?” Many people already know this but do not accept this. If they do not accept this they may never find happiness.

Real happiness may lie within a person. A person needs to be happy with himself/herself in order to have that feeling of joy. Happiness does not come for getting more stuff we think we need. Happiness comes from within. Happiness is how we look at the world, what we give and get from other, from being nice to others, and from forming relationships with other people. You need to look at your own thoughts and wants. A person has to think if they are getting their own happiness from within or if they are getting happiness from what the media and the entertainment tells us about happiness.

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