How To Stick To Your Goals When You’ve Lost Motivation

We all have life goals and dreams which we want to achieve. However many people lose motivation long before they have reached their goals. Have you ever set New Year’s resolutions and then forgotten about them only a few weeks later? Or do you write lists of goals and only work towards a few of them? This article will look at why you lose motivation and how to set goals and stay motivated so that you can actually achieve them.
Why have I lost my motivation?The main reasons for loss of motivation are that your goals aren’t big enough. It’s important to set goals that you are inspired by and excited to work towards. Set goals that you are unable to achieve at the moment but that you believe you will one day reach. You can then plan how you will reach your goal, breaking it into smaller steps which are more achievable. In this way you will be able to keep your motivation going in the long run.
You also need to set goals that are meaningful and that have a reward at the end. If your goals aren’t meaningful then you will get bored with them. Also if your main motivation is money then you will soon lose interest as money doesn’t buy us happiness. You will also need to consider why you want to set the goals; they need to be life changing. Many people get depressed if they don’t achieve their goals so it’s important to encourage yourself to keep going. If you know you are working towards something worthwhile then you will be able to motivate yourself to keep going.
How to stick to your goals
The best way to ensure that you are able to achieve your goals is to write down a list of what you want to achieve. Then choose two or three that you fell particularly inspired by and work on them further. Break your goal down into baby steps. You could also review your goals on a weekly basis to keep yourself on track. As you go you may need to change or improve your goals allowing you to aim higher and ultimately achieve more.

It’s important to have a serious think about what you want to achieve and why. Don’t just ask yourself what your goals are. Dig a little deeper and ask questions such as ‘why am I doing this?’ and ‘How will this improve my life?’. Let go of any old or negative patterns that are holding you back and practice positive thinking in order to keep moving forward, even when times are hard or you don’t have the motivation.You may want to review all areas of your life and set goals accordingly. Consider career goals, relationship goals as well as health and fitness goals. Whatever you are working towards reward yourself along the way and always look at the bigger picture.

Good luck!


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