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Staying Balanced In An Extroverted World As An Introvert

Despite what some people may think, being introverted is not the same thing as being shy. In fact, the brain activity of those of are extroverts and introverts work rather differently. While introverted individuals experience higher amounts of brain activity whenever they are alone, it’s also very easy for them to experience too much external stimulation at times. However, the opposite is actually true with those who live in an extroverted environment, as they actually experience lower amounts of brain activity whenever they are alone and enjoy the extra amounts of stimulation and communication they receive from other individuals. If these people spend too much time alone, they will end up feeling rather understimulated.

Here are some useful ways that you can help maintain your overall mental balance.

Make Time For Acceptance And Self-Love

Accepting your true nature is the first step that any introvert should take in order to be happy. When it comes to introversion, there is also often a stigma that can be attached to this that is further amplified by two different things:

*Negative self-image
*Feelings of self-doubt

In terms of introversion and extroversion, no one is truly better than the other, as both as able to function in normal and healthy ways that will make life much more easier to live.

Have More Understanding And Support

Those who are close to you should always understand everything regarding your introverted nature, especially since introverts can often be seen as being cold and heartless, especially by any extroverts who may be part of your inner circle. Introverts often need some alone time in order to help recharge, which is something that may need to be explained to extroverts in order to keep them from thinking of their own reasons as to why you are keeping your distance from them.

Find Compatible Work

If you are someone who is an introvert, you should consider choosing work that allows you to access the mental zone that you thrive the best in without experiencing a lot of stress.

Take Some Time For Downtime

No matter what, introverts should always set aside some time for downtime every single day, otherwise they can become rather frazzled and overwhelmed. For example, you could choose to go for a walk, read a book, relax in the bathtub, or do some writing.

Know When To Bow Out

Introverts know how to get their fill of various kinds of social events, as afterward, they will need a certain amount of time to process everything that they’ve taken in. This makes it important to plan ahead when it comes to thinking about your social calendar, knowing when you should bow out before things get too mentally exhausting for you.