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How To Stay Friends With Your Ex

Staying friends with an ex-boyfriend after a break-up almost never happens and if it does, most people respond with perplexed bewilderment. While relationships may ended badly or seem like a bad idea right from the start, the fact remains that by looking within and finding inner peace after a breakup, most women can stay friends with the men they have dated. Read on to for tips on how to keep your ex-boyfriends in your life after a breakup.

  • How can it be done?

When a relationship ends, saying goodbye doesn’t have to be forever. Unless, of course, an ex was abusive, toxic, or disrespectful, for example. In these cases, it’s often better to say goodbye permanently. On the other hand, although partners decide to break up, it is possible to remain in each other’s lives by finding peace within yourself and making a choice that comes from nothing but love and unselfishness.

  • Romance vs Reality

“It’s either happily ever after or nothing!” This idea of how a romantic relationship is suppose to be has been engrained in ours heads since we were children. From Snow White to Sleeping beauty, it’s suppose to be happily ever after every time. But in the real world, we need to live with a much different idea of relationships if we are ever to have true inner peace. Does it really make sense to love and then hate, love and then hate? Doesn’t this simply upset the balance within ourselves? When a romantic relationship ends, there’s no rulethat says you have to be enemies.

  • Each relationship gives you what you need

A relationship in your teens is certainly not going to give you the same contributions as a relationship in your late twenties or early thirties. Relationships make us grow. That’s why they exist. So the boyfriend you had when you were seventeen fulfilled a purpose, taught you a lesson or two and probably even broke your heart. However, just because you broke up, doesn’t mean you have to stop entirely caring for that person . Instead, acknowledge that you CHOOSE to be in that relationship for a reason – to give you what you needed so that you could then be successful in your next relationship by carrying with you a sense of inner peace.

  • It’s all about you – really

When you date, it’s all about you. Well, the choices you make anyway. To begin with, you choose to be one half of a relationship with someone else. That means you share half the responsibility. You decide how you will be treated, or not treated, what you want out of relationship, and what you’d rather avoid. Although you can’t control someone else’s behavior, you can control how you respond to that behavior. And for that you are 100% responsible. So instead of making the break up about what he did or didn’t do and carrying negative feelings inside you (it’s ok for a few days) forever, opt instead for forgiveness and taking full responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and feelings. You’ll find it much easier to continue on a path of inner peace.

When you reach a place of inner peace and forgiveness after a breakup, this is when you can once again experience a healthy relationship with an ex-boyfriend. If however, it is difficult for you to find and maintain healthy relationships, it may be time to really look at yourself, get to know yourself, and commit to finding your inner peace by first having a one-on-one, healthy relationship with YOU.

Source: Collective Evolution 



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