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They Started Putting This Natural Material on Their Old Floor. The End Result? Stunning!

Most people spend a big amount of money to make home renovations. From the extravagant makeovers that we often see on TV, the first additions that come to mind when we utter the word “renovation” are Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and sweeping staircases. However, there are many creative and genius “DIY” ers out there who take and use simple items to make stunning makeovers to their homes.  This endless creativity has made homes look more natural day by day.

To tell the truth, I have seen a lot of interesting objects used that have been used to make amazing renovations, but I have to admit that I have never seen a floor made out of wooden discs before. This makes me consider renovating my home’s lobby, what about you? Let us know your opinion on this unusual floor in the comments below!

The wood for this project was sourced with legal pickings from the state forest.  “Go out to the forest and harvest dead trees,” says the author of this idea Sunny Pettis Lut


This technique called ‘cordwood construction’ has been around for ages, but more and more families are bringing it back into fashion


This family decided to give their concrete floor a make-over. First of all, they started by preparing the surface by sweeping and mopping clean. Then began to layout disks on the floor, trying to get them as close as possible


Sunny is laying out the hardwood discs. Trees used – Shaggy Bark Juniper and Alligator Bark Juniper had died and fallen naturally 


Each piece was run through the chop saw (set at 1″), then the discs were sanded down and glued directly to the floor


After setting each piece, they were firmly tamped to ensure they were set tight, and grouted the spaces between the slices with a mix of 80% tile grout, 20% sawdust


The floor looks absolutely beautiful!


The finish touch was to apply 2-3 coats of polyurethane to prevent the grout from adhering to the tops


And voila! The floor was complete! It looks absolutely stunning, warm and natural!


Source: Cordwood Construction

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