We All Have Spiritual Gifts… Which One Do You Have?

Have you ever had a gut feeling pertaining to a certain situation or person?

Are you able to tell when someone is lying to you?

Do you sometimes know when something is wrong before you find out?

Seems like something out of a science fiction novel, but in reality, this is our intuition. Everyone is born with a sixth sense that allows us to better comprehend the world in which our eyes aren’t capable of seeing. The way to unlock these spiritual gifts is by learning how to use them.

In spirituality, there are four extra senses, and more often than not, each and every single one of us has at least one gift that is the most strongest. The four spiritual gifts are:

1. Clairvoyance -is the strong ability to predict future events. This may come to you in either premonitions or auras.

2. Clairaudience – is the strong ability to receive messages or hear voices.

3. Clairsentience – is the ability to sense when something is wrong or when someone is in trouble.

4. Claircognizance – is a pure feeling of “knowing” something without having any physical proof.

Determining which of these spiritual senses you posses will allow you to nurture and strengthen your intuition by bringing your spirituality to a whole another light. But how will you do this?

If You Believe You are Clairvoyant:

Find a quiet place where you will be able to sit or lay without any interruptions. Close your eyes and try to imagine what your body looks like. Most importantly, pay close attention to small details about yourself such as the color of your clothes and your facial expression. This may be difficult for beginners, but if you are able to easily calm your mind and visually see yourself, then you are most likely a clairvoyant.

If  You Believe You are Clairaudient:

Listen to the sounds surrounding you. Are you able to tune into the sound of your heartbeat? How about the sounds of your breath. Being able to pay attention to the rhythms and various sounds your body makes is a strong indicator that you have clairaudient tendencies.

If You Believe You are Clairsentient:

Have a friend give you a picture of someone you don’t know. Look at the image closely and write down any thoughts that first come to mind. Ask yourself questions about the character of this person. Once you are finished, ask your friend if you are right about your instincts. Being able to do this exercise means that you may be clairsentient.

If You Believe You are Claircognizant:

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and request the assistance of your higher self on a particular question you have. Every thought you are receiving, write it down. Were you able to receive a message of some sort? The ability to perform this exercise with ease means that you may be a claircognizant.
Increasing our intuition takes time and practice, and the first few times you attempt these exercises, quieting the mind will be the most difficult. However, once you are able to fully trust yourself and tap into the spiritual world, you will find a home away from home.

By: Mia Moares


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