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Six Signs Towards the Positive Path

Life has its ups and downs. There are plenty of traps and most of them we’re not aware. We don’t seek to waste our life; it just happen. Awareness is the key, but it’s not easy. There are six signs that you may be wasting your life. If you find some that applies, then don’t worry. Laugh at yourself and get out. You have start over. Sometimes you have to fall to get back up.

  • 1. You have an unhealthy mind, body, and soul

When you worry too much and tend to hold on to the past, you’ve got an unhealthy mind. If you don’t exercise and eat unhealthy foods and continue to eat junk food and not healthy foods, you have an unhealthy body. If you don’t meditate and don’t have any “you” time, your mind is unhealthy.

Nikola Tesla stated that “Our entire biological system, the brain (the body, the soul), and the Earth itself, work on the same frequencies.” It’s our job to take care of ourselves and have a solid foundation. By doing so we can have both a healthy and meaningful life.

  • 2. You are Negative

Happiness is a choice. When you’re negative and complain too much, you have poor choices. There’s a great deal of joy in life. When you get rid of the negativity, the positive will come through. It will make you stronger and happier in the long run.

It’s important to live a meaningful life. Positively leads to a healthy body, mind, and soul. Let’s hope for the best and see life through one step at a time.

  • 3. You don’t challenge yourself enough

“It is not the path which is the difficulty. It is the difficulty which is the path.”- Soren Kieregaard

If you don’t leave your comfort zone, travel, and always give a weak excuse in trying something new, you’re wasting your life. The world is a big and amazing place. There is so much to learn and there are new experiences. If you close yourself from the majority of new experiences, then your life will be very limited.

When you don’t read enough or continue to read the same book over again, you’re closing yourself from further knowledge and not giving yourself a new challenge. Get out and enjoy the world. Stretch out your comfort zone and spread your wings. There’s nothing wrong with a new challenge, but it’s okay to come back to the safety zone.

  • 4. You let others tell you how to live

“Angry people want you to see how powerful they are. Loving people want you to see how powerful you are.”- Chief Red Eagle

There’s nothing wrong with advice- whether it’s good or bad. It’s up to you to figure if you value the advice. No one knows you like yourself. You’re the driving force in your life. If you have someone takes control of your own life, then you’re wasting it. Question authority, specifically those who are telling you how to live your own life.

Go out and figure out your own life. Taking advice is okay, but you’re your own boss. You can always take it back, but it’s up to you.

  • 5. You don’t feel worthy

Self-worth is both the easiest and hardest things we choose to have. If you feel worthless, then it’s time to act worthy. You may have to have a jump start to feel worthy.

Just like the feeling of negativity, acting worthy is a choice that we have. If you have the confidence in being worthy, then you don’t have to act. It’s up to you to determine if you’re worthy or not.

  • 6. You spend too much time worried about money

“Do not feel envious of the happiness of those who live in a fool’s paradise, for only a fool will think that is happiness.”- Bertrand Russell

If you think work is only the main focus or if the world owes you something, then you’re wasting your life worrying about money. Money is the biggest distraction to living a happy life. Many believed that money is the key to happiness or money will bring love; it doesn’t. Money is sign of greed at its core.

Money can be a tool to a good life in the first place. When we become a tool in money making that when problems come up or we hold on it to tightly. We can use money as a tool, but not be a tool.

Source: Spirit Science and Metaphysics

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