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Simple Words of Wisdom

We live in a fast-pace world, filled with corporate power and greed. Money and large developments are more the norm than in times past. The problem with society is that we have moved so far away from our ancient people and their beliefs. We no longer pass down their ancient words of wisdom, and it is something we all need to begin doing again. We may not always remember the famous sayings, but we can remember simple words of wisdom.

If science can look at these ancient beliefs as a way to better your life, then surely you can, too. Read on for eight beliefs (simplified) that can help to make you a happier and healthier person.

  •  Love

Love is the answer that covers just about every problem in life. Love is such a powerful feeling that it fights off stress and depression, and helps you better deal with conflicts and other problems. Love keeps your whole body in perfect sync, eliminating those negative emotions that can adversely affect your health.

  •  Compassion

Compassion is understanding the emotional state of people around you. Feeling compassionate towards others triggers good changes in your brain, reducing stress. Being a compassionate person will also have a positive effect on your immune system, as it reduces your anxiety and increases your sense of overall satisfaction with life.

  • Acceptance

Acceptance is living in the moment, accepting that you cannot change everything, and letting go of all your mental clutter. Once you realize that you have no control to change some things, and letting those thoughts go, you will be on your way to greater happiness and satisfaction with your whole life.

  •  Community Belonging

We are such social beings that we actually crave acceptance into our community. Being a vital part of community helps you build your self-esteem and communication skills. It also plays a major role in releasing those happy hormones into your brain.

  •  Meditation

Meditation is a technique used to reach a higher level of consciousness. This ancient practice affects our moods by reducing our stress levels, boosting our immune systems and improving our memories. Meditation is also great for lower your blood pressure, and reducing your depression and anxiety levels.

  •  Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese mind-body practice that helps prevent and treat a great many age related health issues.Tai Chi is also known as “moving meditation” because the whole body works together through low stress movements. People with low bone density, arthritis, and heart disease will all find great benefits in practicing Tai Chi.

  •  Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient technique of putting hair thin needles in specific points of your body. These needles are placed along the the channels of your Chi energy. Your Chi energy is the vital life-force energy that flows throughout your body. Acupuncture helps your body restore the proper balance and regain lost energies. It is also an effective means to treat migraines, arthritis and a host of other chronic health problems.

  •  Helping Others

Helping yourself often makes you feel good, but the feelings are usually short lived. Helping others, in contrast, leaves you with lasting happiness that just cannot be bought. This beautiful, powerful, positive feeling actually releases enzymes in your body that will help you fight off sickness. Being helpful naturally leads to your feeling good inside and out.


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