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Sex And The Sentient: Why Fornication Embraces The Spiritual As Well As The Physical

When the word sex is mentioned, eyebrows will raise and pulses will increase. Thestrong reaction that this subject matter inevitably generates is down to the powerful innateness of sexual energy: a strong physical attraction can promote an immediate rise in energy levels and revitalize an otherwise flailing motivation. This is the direct result of the activation of our lower dantian which sits just below the naval and is an energy center housing our primed sexual energy.

Sexual energy, in its purest form, can lead to unadulterated bliss; it can also transport us to the darkest of places and cause much mental anguish. Some religious schools perceive the volatile and animalistic nature of sex to be harmful in that it stunts spiritual growth; many people today are sympathetic to this thought process as they are led via sexual practice into a world of pain and heartache.

The connection between sex and spirituality is a redundant one in modern times; however, wisdom and love are closely linked tospiritualattainment. The Qigong perspective, however, teaches that sex is one of the pillars of happiness, therefore the idea that sex is not linked to spirituality is defunct. To be truly happy, we must embrace sexual vitality and eradicate the social conventions which dictate that the lower form of our being is below the waistline. Ultimately, we must redeem sexual energy and appoint it spiritual status.

So, how do we marry-up sex and spirit when the former can lead to an abundance of shame and anguish? The starting point is identifying the fundamental differences between male and female sexuality. Traditionally, men’s sexuality flares up in an instant and depletes soon after, whereas women take longer to fire up but maintain their sexual energy for some time thereafter. Moreover, men are notoriously devoid from sentiment during lovemaking, however women are renowned for attaching feelings to the act. Therein lies a problem as both sexes become frustrated for very distinct reasons.

The inherent differences between male and female sexuality can, however, be reconciled; more than that, they can come together to attain spiritual growth. It is necessary to firstly look at male sexual energy: Men naturally feel the surge of energy in the genital region and it quickly disperses from that area. In order to prevent ejaculation, and encourage bonding and tenderness, it is vital that this flow of energy surges upwards into the middle dantian (heart level energy source) and this is a skill that can be mastered with practice. For women, the loving aspect of sexuality is innate: their sexual energy naturally flows from the genitals inwards and upwards, and nipple stimulation further increases the activation of the middle dantian.

Through spiritual practice, men and women can achieve sexual integration in its ultimate form. Focusing sexual vitality upwards from the heart to the head will encourage an infusion of blissful sacredness. Although sexual energy felt in the genital area can make for a passionate sexual encounter, and that experienced in the central dantian can promote intense lovemaking, true cosmic ecstasy is achieved when sexual energy goes via the central meridian (which unites all dantians) and then up through the sky.

Cosmic bliss is intense, highly pleasurable, and immensely meaningful compared to any other sexual experience. To achieve ultimate bliss, is to achieve the happiest and most long-lasting of relationships.

Hayley Behenna-Reed
Source: Mind Body Green

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