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Sex Education: What Works And Why

Comprehensive sex education classes are an important part of the school curriculum that some people are in favor of. While the idea of teaching teens all about sex and preparing them for future relationships sounds great, it doesn’t seem to translate well in the classroom. Too many times instructors focus on the functions of the body, contraception and pregnancy instead of things kids really need to know and understand. A lot of what tweens and teens need to know about, like emotions and sex, are left out, which leads to poor choices. To make sex education more comprehensive, here is a list of lessons that should be a part of every sex education class:

  • 1. Opposites Don’t Attract:

TV, books and movies put out this exaggerated notion that men and women are so different that they can never understand each other, which is a silly and unrealistic notion. The truth is gender has no role in how well two people will get along. Teaching young people this idea is dangerous, as you are setting them up to fail.

Teacher should teach kids that while having some differences is good, it’s important to find someone who shares your core values and ideas if you want a healthy relationship.

  • 2. Breaking Up Doesn’t Mean You Screwed Up:

Although it may seem obvious to you, for a lot of young people don’t realize that breaking up doesn’t have to be someone’s fault. Young adults tend to think emotionally and often blame themselves when things go wrong and may feel responsible.
It is important for them to realize that not all relationships are meant to last. Sometimes people simply grow apart and need different things. That is no one’s fault, that’s just life sometimes.

  • 3. No Means No:

Again TV and the media can make it seem romantic when a guy or girl gets someone who doesn’t like them to fall in love with them, but in real life it’s anything but. Bothering someone who has no interest in dating you is not only annoying, it’s harassment and could get you in trouble.

We have to explain to young adults that there is a line that should never be crossed. When someone says no that is the end of it. It’s not cute or sweet to keep calling and it’s not healthy for them or you. Move on, there are plenty of people out there.

  • 4. Sex Is Meant To Be Enjoyed:

Yes, fun is a big part of sex, but young ids are often dealing wit so many things that they aren’t having fun. Many girls are worried about being liked so they don’t say what they like sexually and often don’t even orgasm. Guys too can get to caught up in having a certain image to enjoy monogamous sex. they are too worried about what others think and may mistreat girls, making them feel guilty and ugly.
We must make young people understand sex is a two way street that both people should enjoy. It is equal parts give and take: anything else isn’t right.

  • 5. There is No Rush To Find Your Soul Mate:

Monogamy is great, but your youth is a time to explore, so as long as your using protection and being respectful there is nothing wrong with dating. Sleeping around is one thing, dating different people is something totally different. Many girls are being pressured to marry and have babies young. This stresses them out and the guys as well. It forces them to grow up and take on responsibilities before they are ready for them, which can be disastrous.
Teaching kids why it’s a good idea to wait to get marred and have babies is important. Dating helps them decide who they want and who they are. It also teaches them that being alone can be good too: they can survive and be okay on their own.

As you can see there is a lot that is being left out of sex education classes. Sites like Scarleteen give us a clear picture of all the things kids want to know and ask adults they feel they can trust. . By expanding the topics covered in sex education classes kids will feel better knowing there is someone who understands them and wants to help them. Sex education should educate, so let’s start making changes.

Tracy Labombarda
Source: Positivelypositive

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