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The Seventh Sense

Over time the sixth and seventh sense phenomena was ridiculed and illegitimized as paranormal due to the fact that, once in later time, the proper advancement tools for measuring such energy did not exist, but now that has changed.

Many are aware of a sixth sense but many are unaware of our seventh sense.

Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) is credited with classifying our primary five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. These five senses are connected to our nervous system, which connects to our brain and sends data to our brain about the external world. But the external world is one thing, what about the essential/internal world?
Many Buddhists consider the mind to be an additional sense, called the psychic realm. The realm realized because the brain is a gateway of the 5 primary senses, collects data and makes an exponential/fractual leap of a more complex perception, which includes the internal sensory system.

The sixth sense has been feared and revered for many years. Those who have not grasp the ability of such sense and who have basically only been graced with the external sensing ability have been unfortunately ostracized from society and even put to death. As the sixth sense recognition continues to disperse around the world and to various people, a new sense – in the process – that takes people into a higher form of consciousness, is starting to become more recognized.

Beyond space and time The six and seventh senses make it difficult for scientist to collect empirical date, due to the senses being able to function outside of space and time and the ability to channel spirits (good and bad) and extraterrestrials – which are phenomena that are accredited to those external forces – versus the normality of what is happening within us. Examples of sixth sense: intuition, deja vu, prescience and past life parallels. Some times our mind just do not have the ability to make sense of certain phenomena, so we just categorize it as coincidence.

The complexity of our senses are divided into two groups: exteroceptive and interoceptive.Exteroceptive includes: The primary five senses Interoceptive includes: Sensation perceptions in the internal organs used to regulate bodily functions such as the gut, the heart, lungs, etc which translate into the sensory of pain, temperature, pressure, etc.

Bypassing your physical world The seventh sense is your access to all information contained within the entire Universe – related to your physical world, while bypassing your physical world. Ok, but, how do you know you are gaining access to your seventh sense? You know this when asking the universe a question and receive the answer in the form of your own though,with clarity, as in absolute confidence in knowing the answer.

You will cultivate your seventh sense when knowingly using all resources available to you in the Universe. By doing so, nothing can be hidden from you by any part of creation – past, present or future. Contemplating is an ultimate exercise for allowing this to happen and the more this is done the higher your conscience level and the greater self knowledge you will have.
Curious about how the universe works or mankind’s true history? Just ask, the information will come to you as you can best understand it and will flow differently through processes, according to how deep of an understanding you can handle.

The seventh sense can be strengthen over time. With awareness and recognition of it, it will allow you to understand yourself, the physical world and that which is beyond, in greater detail to allow you a higher understanding level of your complete sensory system as we are most deserving to know further.

Source: Collective-Evolution 

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