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How Being Selfish is the Key to Living a Happy and Fulfilling Life

A lot has been said about selfish people. Some people say they are incapable of love while others believe that they do not have any friends. Unfortunately, this is false.

The human mind is programmed to feel like it is wrong and shameful to put yourself before others. This means that many a times we will be forced to forego our desires and wishes in order to fulfill those of other people.

In order to learn and actually be generous with other people, it is pertinent that your make self-care a priority. This guide will highlight the advantages of being selfish.


Enhances Important Relationships

By being selfish, you are simply entertaining and showing that you love yourself a lot. This in turn is proof enough that you deserve to be treated the same way you would treat yourself and thus cannot withstand being treated otherwise by anybody else. In fact, being selfish reinforces the need for better treatment from other people.


Helps You Avoid People-pleasing

You will always end up frustrated, disappointed and stressed if you choose to please others. No matter what you do for them, there will always be opinions about why you do it and how you it. Pleasing everyone is impossible and that is why you have to stop feeling guilty and appreciate the fact that selfishness will make you lead the kind of life that you desire, one that is not controlled by the desire to make other people happy.


Simplifies Decision-making

When you have just yourself to think about when making decisions, everything becomes easy. You may not automatically identify whatever it is that you need, but you have your choices and desires to guide you. This also cultivates the habit of listening to your inner voice.


Let’s Other People Know You Are Independent

When people realize that you can take care of yourself, it is a huge relief to them since they will not have to worry about you. That is what being selfish does. It promotes traits such as self-sufficiency and independence which everyone wants to see in you.


Makes You of Great Service to Others

When it comes to giving, you can only share what you have. If it is about helping other people get their peace of mind, you can only succeed if you have it. Selfishness can make you be someone of great service to others since it promotes growth and abundance. Remember, once you have your growth and abundance, sharing it with other people becomes easy.


Makes You a Master of Your Happiness

Many a times you will hear people blame others for their misfortunes and unhappiness. If you chose to be selfish, then you will never get to the point where you let someone else be in control. This is because you deny them power over your feelings. You also get to free yourself from the resentment which in turn helps in building better relationships.


Selfishness is all about valuing yourself and your happiness before anything else. It plays an essential part in living a fulfilling life. This is why anytime you feel guilty for being selfish, think about what you are gaining in the process and you can be guaranteed the guilt will be gone and at the end of the day you will also become a better person.

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