The Secret to How The Universe Works Revealed

Most people recognize the Flower of Life, because it serves as a well-known symbol of a number of spiritual principles the world over. It is one of mankind’s oldest holy symbols, and it consists of several overlapping circles that have the same size. The shape is considered sacred with ancient religious worth. It shows the basic forms of time and space, but that is just the beginning.

You’ll find the oldest image with the flower in Abydos, Egypt, at Osiris’ temple. The flower looked like someone burned it into the stone. Many other versions appear within a lot of other ancient edifices in Turkey, Israel, Ireland and other locales with ancient civiliations. Beijing’s Forbidden City features an intriguing version of the flower, in the form of a sphere resting under the Fu-dog’s paw. Also known as the Guardian Lion, that sculpture is said to guard the entrance to the palace of 24 of the emperors from the Qing and Ming dynasties. These sentries symbolized safety for the buildings as well as those who lived inside them – and they also represent protection of knowledge.

What does “sacred geometry” mean?
floweroflife2-300x193In ancient times, various numbers held symbolic value in addition to their mundane use. Figures like hexagons, triangles and octagons were viewed as physical representations of numbers. These shapes took on a higher value because of their visibility. This intrigued Leonardo da Vinci in the Flower of Life, and he spent considerable time studying its mathematical significance and other properties. He was also interested in the flower’s connections to consciousness and physical reality. He drew the flower and the Seed of Life. He developed the Fibonacci Spiral, which comes from the pattern of the Flower of Life.

The Fibonacci Spiral is a series of numbers that begins 0,1,1,2,3,5 and keeps going. You add the last two numbers to get the next. This is significant because this equation makes a spiral that appears in all living creatures, including animals, plants, humans and even the whole galaxy.

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Many ancient structures have been erected on these geometric ideas: The Giza Plateau, the Taj Mahal and the Parthenon.

metatron__s_cube_by_friskynibblet-d547d5m-273x300If you look at Metatron’s Cube, you can see that the Flower of Life has connections to sacred geometry. This cube comes from connecting lines that come out of the center of 13 circles to the other 12. The circles originate in the Fruit of Life, which comes from a larger version of the flower.

If you understand the Flower of Life, you get more insight into the ways the Universe works. Use the flower to connect during meditation and to refer back to spirituality as a symbol in your daily life. Some say that if you have the Flower symbol on electronic devices, the harmful wavelengths that come out of them will not harm you. In general, it is a reminder that we all have connections, not only to each other but to everything else in the Universe.

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by Peter Boysen

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