Scientific Studies Reveal The Influence Of The Mind

Most of us are aware of the power of thought, and how much influence it has on our own lives. Fewer people realize that all thoughts, ideas and mental energy involve a measurable flow of electric current. Hundreds of scientific experiments have taken place to determine how the mind is related to the physical world, and now it has been demonstrated by scientists at a top university that the mind does have an influence on matter.

A controlled study, which has taken place at a leading university at the highest level, has been reviewed in a top scientific journal. Its conclusion is that the mind does have an influence on the physical world.

By using computer technology to produce random sequences, any differentials in those sequences produces a spike on the graph, which is otherwise expected to remain flat. During this study, spikes appeared within REGs that were designed not to produce a pattern. The amount of deviation from what was expected suggests that more extensive experimentation is needed. Further research should support the theory that a field of consciousness creates order within random processes.

The results of this study, as reported in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, shows us that a field of consciousness can be observed at times of communal anxiety, outbreaks of panic or mass trauma. Unusual patterns were recorded at times of terrorist attacks, international criminal cases and presidential elections, all incidents where emotions are shared and there is a high degree of communal attention.

The conclusion of another study, which took place at Princeton University, shows that mass consciousness has an influence on the way that electricity behaves. This backs up a notion held by people from various disciplines that there is such a thing as a field of consciousness. Further studies should show that this is not theory but something that really does exist.

Dr. R. D. Nelson is reported as saying that during a Princeton study he observed how an anomaly in random systems could be attributed to the human mind when terrorists were attacking the Twin Towers in 2001. Analysis in the context of 9/11 suggests that there is some form of influence associated with the workings of the mind, but which has yet to be identified.

The ability of the collective consciousness to have a causal effect on the physical world is clear evidence that the influence of the mind is not just something contained within the brain.

The implication of these studies is that human consciousness has an affect on the flow of electrical currents. Previous research has proved that there ways which the mind can have an impact on quantum objects. For instance, electron wave function has been observed to become stable solely through an electron cause.

The influence of mind on physical matter was also observed when Dr. Emoto carried out a water crystal experiment. This study has since been repeated and the findings have been confirmed.

We also know that the mind can have an influence on how other people behave. The crime rate has been known to reduce in some locations when meditating is being done in large groups. Statistics show that there is also a reduction in the amount of violence, casualties and suicide in and around a region where many people are involved in meditation.

This is just the start of serious scientific investigations into the concept that there is a difference between the mind and the brain, and that they are not the same thing. Already there is clear evidence that electricity and consciousness are somehow connected and share a common field.

Source: Spiritscienceandmetaphysics

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