Scientific Proof That Our Minds Are All Connected – The Multiples Effect

You may wonder if it is possible or not that our ideas create fields of information that go into the global mind we share?  Can our thoughts interact with other’s ideas fields?  Well, let me tell you that there is an interesting phenomenon in science named “the multiples effects”. For more explanation, the multiples effects: is when several people far away from each other geographically speaking come up with the exact invention at the same time. By 1922, there had been 148 major break thoughts identified to have been discovered in such a way. Here are some examples:

– Evolution (Darwin and Wallace)

– Calculus (Newton and Leibniz)

– Decimal fractions – 3 people

– Sunspots – 4 people in 1611

– Law of conservation of energy – 4 people in 1847

– Steamboat – 4 people

– Telescope – 9 people

– Thermometer – 6 people

Can you believe that these 148 major discoveries happened at the same time by people who never meet and never shared anything between them? However, they all reached the same target. They are working on the same problematic with their ideas energetically interacting with each other in the consciousness field. For more illustration, sometimes we know other’s answer before they say it. Consciousness is non-local.

As a concrete example of this fascinating phenomenon “the multiples effects” here is a picture of pyramids builds in three different old cultures far away from one another in term of geography.  Even if it was impossible that these cultures could communicate; the pyramids they built are exactly the same.


In the same realm, we are all aware that our consciousness has energetic consequences on all things in creation; (Ideas/other’s actions, DNA, Electrical circuit) However, it looks like our connection to each other in more than an energetic one.  Our ideas seem to have a reciprocal transformation of date between those who work to solve the same problem regardless of the geographical distance.

In addition to their biological functions your thoughts are more than waves of vibration, they are waves of information as well. This is why people who complete crosswords, puzzles always have much higher results after the problems have already been solved by several people.

All in all, this may confirm that those people stored the results in the shared date field with others which made their duty easier.

By A. Admou
Source: Spirit Science Metaphysics

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