Science “Fiction” is Becoming Science “Fact”

A well recognized theoretical physicist named Dr. Michio Kaku recently gave a lively talk at Clarke University in Iowa. The talk, entitled “The Next 20 Years: How Science will Revolutionize the Economy, Medicine and Our Way of Life”, was all about science fantasies from yesteryear becoming science fact in the near future. Dr. Kaku says that science fiction will become reality within the next 20 years. Telepathy, telekinesis, and mind control are already happening; these areas will only continue to expand in the next couple of decades.
Dr. Kaku said that some of the concepts we once saw in science fiction movies are currently existing in our world today. Some of these include:
– Brain Net: the ability to send your thoughts and emotions to other people using only the mind.

– Brain Pacemaker: device implanted into the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient.

– Remote Control Minds: using your mind to control robots, smart computers and other forms of AI.
– Smart Pill: when taken can help give you a boost with your cognitive abilities.
Each one of these technologies is made possible due to the highly sophisticated brain imagining and mapping developments made within the past few decades. Modern science has finally figured out how to unleash the power of the human mind.


Advances to look forward to in the next 2 decades:
– Teleportation: Once just a fantasy, teleportation stations may soon be able to allow us to leap from place to place whenever we choose. Quantum physicists recently announced that they have successfully teleported the quantum state of a photon into a crystal that was 25 km away.
– Solar Power: Imagine being able to effectively collect solar power and using it to supply free water or energy. A German architect, Andre Broessel, designed a spherical solar energy generator that is 35% more energy efficient than what is currently being used. This new stand-alone device will allow places suffering from severe drought the ability to pull water right out of the air.

Have you ever watched a science fiction movie and wished that something you saw was real? Many people saw the awesome hover-boards in Back to the Future and were eagerly awaiting the release of this wonderful method of transportation; it never happened, much to our regret. Or, what about a full body healing machine like those in Transcendence and Elysium? Think of all the wonderful inventions that could help mankind; we could: provide a free source of energy and clean water, and find better ways to heal the human body from a variety of ailments. We could also design devices to make humans smarter, have more empathy towards others, and evolve in whichever way we choose.

So, while you sit there and think about which inventions you would love to see in your future, ponder this… these inventions may already be in the design room, or they may already be reality.

Source: The Mind unleashed 

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