Science Agrees With Direct Human Experience

Science agrees with the fact that the human body consists of more than just atoms and molecules- but light as well. Bio photons are discharged by the human body, may adjust basic processes within the cell-to-cell communication and DNA. Actually, the human body gives off bio photons called ultra weak photon emissions (UPE), which has a visibility that is 1000 times lower than the sensitivity of the naked eye. Although they are not visible to us, particles of light are a component of the electromagnetic spectrum (380-780mm). They can be detected by highly sophisticated modern instruments.

THE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EYE GIVES OFF LIGHT The eyes, which are consistently exposed to powerful photons that go through different ocular tissues, gives off visible light-induced (UPE). The negative afterimage occurs when visible light causes delayed bioluminescence inside the exposed eye tissue. Light emissions have also been compared to cerebral energy metabolism and oxidative stress in the brains of mammals. Yet bio photon discharges are not actually epiphenomenal. Bookkon’s hypothesis implies that photons given off during chemical reactions in the brain form biophysical pictures during visual imagery. A study carried out recently also showed that when subjects imagined light in a completely dark environment, this produced notable increases in UPE.

OUR CELLS AND DNA USE BIO PHOTONS TO STORE AND COMMUNICATE INFORMATIONObviously, bio photons are utilized by cells of most living organisms to interact, which assists in information transfer that is way higher than chemical diffusion. According to a study carried out in 2010, “cell-to-cell interaction by bio photons have been shown in plants, animal neutrophil granulcytes, bacteria, and kidney cells. Researchers interpreted their findings to mean that light stimulation can form bio photons, which conduct along the neutral fibers, as neutral interaction signals. The DNA is also a source of bio photon discharge. It is so bio photon dependent that it has a laser-like properties, and this enables the DNA to exist in a stable state.

THE BODY’S CIRCADIAN BIO PHOTON OUTPUTSince the body’s metabolism varies in a circadian way, bio photon discharges also change along the axis of diurnal time. Research has shown clear anatomical locations within the body where bio photon discharges are strong and weak, and this is affected by the time of the day- the photon counts in the body is lower in the morning than in the afternoon. The thorax-abdomen area gives off the lowest and is more consistent.The researchers concluded that the spectra data shows that the measurement provides substantiated data on the individual pattern of per oxidative and anti oxidative processes in vivo.

MEDITATION AND HERBS AFFECT BIO PHOTON OUTPUTResearch has shown that an oxidative stress-mediated difference in bio photon discharge among mediators versus non-mediators. People who consistently meditate have a lower UPE that is believed to occur because of free radical reactions in their bodies.A 2009 study of the herb rhodiola in the journal Phytotherapeutic Research discovered that people who took the herb for a week had a marked decrease in photon emission compared to the placebo group.

THE HUMAN SKIN AND LIGHTMelanin can convert ultra violet light energy into heat energy in a process called ultra fast internal conversion, which is more than 99.9% of the UV radiation. It is transformed into potentially DNA-damaging ultra violet light into harmless heat.

THE BODY’S BIO PHOTON OUTPUTS ARE CONTROLLED BY LUNAR AND SOLAR FORCESIt seems like modern science is finally recognizing the ability of the human body to absorb and give off energy, and information straight from the light discharged from the sun.It has also been recognized that the sun and moon affect bio photon discharge by gravitational influences. Bio photon discharges from wheat seedlings in Brazil and. Germany were found to harmonize transcontinentally with the rhythms linked with the lunisolar tide.

THOUGHTS AND INTENTION IS A LIVING FORCE OF PHYSIOLOGYIntention is defined as a directed though to perform a predetermined action. Thoughts that are focused to an end can also affect objects and all living things. The discharge of light particles is the means by which an intention produces an effect. Every living organism gives off a consistent current of photons as a means of direct non-local signals from one part of the body to another to the outside world. Our intentions function as extremely coherent frequencies, that can change the molecular structure of matter. It has also been shown that thought energy can also change the environment.
So there you have it- science proves that direct human experience is real. We consist of atoms, molecules, and we emit light , communicate with light, and are formed from light.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

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