How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Environment

While they are emotions, irritation, panic, frustration, and immobility are also energies that can be “caught” from others without your realizing it. In addition, emotions such as stress, depression, and anxiety can make you become hyper-attuned to others, especially individuals in a similar situation, and wear away at your defenses, making you an “emotional sponge”. If you are known as an “emotional sponge”, it’s crucial that you learn how to deflect negativities and avoid adopting a person’s negative emotions, as well as bolster your own positive emotions.

 Here is how You can stop absorbing Other’s emotions:

  • 1. Determine whether you are vulnerable to this .

Referred to as an “empath”, here are several signs that you are likely to be overcome by the negative energies around you.

Excess chatter, noise, and smells tend to make you anxious. Also, crowds tend to leave you unhappy and emotionally drained.

Your feelings are easily hurt.

You tend to be a good listener, kind, and spiritually inclined.

You’re frequently referred to as overly sensitive.

You can sense another person’s anxiety, fear, and stress and tend to draw them internally and view them as your own physical symptoms and pain.

You like to have an escape plan in place, such as driving your own car everywhere.

You believe that close relationships often feel suffocating.

  • 2. Determine the source.

Ask yourself if the feeling is your own or someone else’s. (It could be both.) If it is yours, look at what is causing it. If it is not, try to determine where it’s coming from.

For example, if you went to dinner and come home feeling sad and depressed, you may have picked it from someone close by. Energy fields tend to overlap in close proximity.

This can be true in any type of crowd. You can actually absorb all the negative energy surrounding you.

  • 3. If possible, distance yourself.

Move at least 20 feet away. If you are out and about, don’t be afraid to change seats if you feel a sense of depression settling in.

  • 4. Focus on your breathing to center yourself.

This connects you to your essence. Inhale calm and exhale negativity. Visualize a gray fog leaving your body and a shining light entering. This can cause rapid results.

  • 5. Flush out the harm.

Negative emotions can easily become lodged at the solar plexus (celiac plexus).

To do this, put your palm on your solar plexus while sending love to that area to flush out stress.

You can do this daily if you suffer from chronic depression or anxiety. As it becomes a ritual, you may develop a sense of safety and optimism.
6. Shield yourself. Visualize an envelope of white light around your body. Think of it as a way to block out physical discomfort and negativity, while allowing positive energy to filter in.

  • 7. Control your emotional overload.

You can turn your ability to take on other’s emotions into a positive by doing these things:

Eat a meal high in protein before entering a stressful situation. When you are in a crowd, stand apart or sit along the edges.

Be certain you have a way to get yourself out of hard situations, such as having sufficient funds.

Learn to identify those who bring you down. When you do, protect yourself from them by removing yourself from the situation, if possible.

At home, have a private place that is all your own. This will help you prevent taking on your partner or children’s emotions.
Begin practicing meditation and mindfulness.

  • 8. Search for positive situations and people.

Spend time with friends who see the bright side of things, as well as the good in others. Really listen to the faith they have in themselves and others. Finally, take the time to enjoy hopeful arts, songs, and words. Hope is definitely contagious and lifts your mood.

Learn to use compassion to defend yourself against irresistible emotions. This allows you to be empathetic, as well as compassionate toward yourself. Don’t feel guilty about searching for respite.

Foster positive emotions that enhance your inner strength. Surround yourself with love and peace and you will flourish, while your negative emotions wilt away.

  • 9. Design and maintain a haven to separate yourself.

Leave open paths that could lead to connecting with nature. This will help you switch your victim mentality off and revive you spiritually and energetically.

Practice breathing techniques and yoga to provide emotional centering.

Take a nature walk, particularly along a quiet forest path.

Look at a picture of a stunning waterfall or forest when you begin to feel overwhelmed.

Maintain your personal retreat to give you a place to tune into your own personal power and energy.

Abra Gordon
source: Earthweareone 

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