How To Remain Calm During Stressful Situations

Staying on Top of Stressful Situations

The ability to always remain calm even during stressful situations holds the key to either success or failure whether you are a fighter-jet pilot, a firefighter or a mother at home. Multiple research has confirmed that the human mind reaches its optimum performance only when it is in a moderate state of arousal. That means not being stressed but not being too calm at the same time. As a result, it goes without saying that managing your emotions during trying times helps you to remain in control of the situation and make the best decisions concerning the way forward. It is unfortunate, however, that our brains are wired such that the first instinct during a serious situation id to panic which can result in total meltdown, Furthermore, elongated periods of stress can lead to more serious health concerns, including depression and death. In order to maintain your cool in uncomfortable situations, it is important to intentionally create a state of mental readiness, whether you are a CEO or an athlete. The following are a number of few tips you can put into practice to ensure that you always composed and self-assured even in the worst of situations:

Remain Positive

When facing a difficult situation, it is very easy to slip into a negative state of mind which can grow to be overwhelming and inhibit any kind of action. Change of attitude and perspective is crucial in getting out of a quagmire. View your difficulties as opportunities to learn and a chance to prove to yourself just how much you can stand. Be confident and within no time, you will realize that every puzzle has a solution.

1. Identify the stressor

It is impossible to deal with any kind of problem if you cannot figure out the exact cause of the issue. Figuring out a stressor enables you to evaluate your options and decide the best course of action. When you fully understand how things work, nothing will seem impossible anymore.

2. Take a step back

In order to view a situation more clearly, it always pays back to take a step back, relax and view the problem from a different perspective. This helps you to see the challenges more clearly. You can even read a book or take a walk to take your mind off the situation that is causing you stress. When you decide to take a second look at the problem, you will have a clearer angle and an effective way of solving the problem in question.

3. Breathe

Challenging situations always tend to make you react in a rush thinking that you can solve the situation as fast as possible and relieve the stressor. However, this is not how it works. Whenever you are facing a stressful situation, take deep breaths in and out, counting from one to ten. All this while, imagine that the stress is physically leaving your body. It will also help to smile. It is very difficult to stay grumpy with a huge smile on your face.

4. Avoid Caffeine/Stimulants

Too much caffeine in your system is not a good idea, although it may always seem like one. Stimulants such as caffeine tend to increase your brain activity especially in the areas that are causing you stress in the first place. Instead of a caffeine or nicotine, take some water.

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