Is Religion Our Choice Or Not?

You are born on this earth to make choices in your life and sometimes we make choices because of fear and these are usually the bad choices, or sometimes we make choices out of love, which are the good choices.

You need to leave behind dominance and conquering and choose love as your guide as this is the universal order. The old dogmas and doctrines of man made religion were to hold people back and to make people see that religions are the reason why there is so much guilt, fear and poverty in the world around us today.

Religions have been created through illusion and a thought form and an elite secret order of priests and kings for many centuries so they could dominate and enslave the people they see as lesser or weak. The end of this world dominance will unfold though when these religions are cast off and people are seen to be equal as then the awareness of light and love that stems from the universal source will transcend any dogma. We all have choice and we can choose not to be dictated to and to choose our own way forward through light, love and oneness with the universe.

Religions have been flawed in the doctrines as there is no universal oneness and these religions have brought on scarcity as a primary thought form, not abundance. This needs to be reversed as establishing a feeling of inequality in the minds of people is keeping them imprisoned and unaware of their true calling and creativeness. The whole structure of our world has been challenged and we need an influx of good light energy to cause a mass reconnecting of our true self.

The religions of the world may be revealed as having been treasonous. These man made belief systems have been installed to slow down and block the evolution of our intelligence and consciousness. You can never hold back the light of your true self by darkness of any kind. It can never be right where people are told to believe in traditional religious icons or messages of despair that are based on a unworthy soul.

Earths energy is heading towards the reconstruction of spirituality and reconnection with the universe. Your creation is for intelligence and abundance. Always remember that you are divine and that humanity is being made sacred again. You need to get up and be held accountable for the reality that you can create both as an individual and collectively. Anything can be justified in the name of religion, but as religion falls away the only way forward is to be able to walk in the light and choose love for all time.


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