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Is There Any Relation Between the Moon And the Human Mind?

Everything in our environment has some type of effect on us, from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation to swimming in the sea. Nature has a way of prompting the flow of hormones and energy in our bodies. However, not everything in nature is fundamentally good for our bodies. For instance, the moon has a series of negative effects on the human mind, not only scientifically but spiritually. Research insitutions and scientists have conducted experiments for years to understand the effects that the moon, particularly full moons, affect the human mind and behavior. They have concluded that the moon do, in fact, influence humans, as well as animals.

  • The Moon, The Conscious Mind and the Sub-Conscious Mind.

Quantum physics tell us that everything from the stars to the moon has an operating frequency. The moon’s frequency has the ability to affect the mind’s frequency that controls our feelings, emotions and desires. Our mind consists of the conscious and sub-conscious portions, and they react to the standing and positioning of the moon. Since many humans function using only 10% of their conscious mind, it can be hard to notice when we are being affects sub-consciously.
The sub-conscious mind is considered the storehouse of impressions, memories and thoughts that we have accumulated over our lifetimes. It’s operating frequency is higher than the moon’s. The moon’s effects on our sub-conscious mind by bringing the thought frequencies to the surface.

Our sub-conscious mind is full of unnecessary and necessary, positive and negative imprints. When these rise to the conscious, many of us can feel irritable, crazy and mindless. Psychiatrists have proven that, on full moon days or days when the moon frequencies are particularly active, patients with mental disorders can feel heightened senses of emotions and anxiety.
Moon, Tides and the Human Body.

The moon affects the physical world just as much as our mentality. The moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides, thereby affecting the wildlife in the water. According to Aristotle, and the Roman historian Pliny the Elder, the brain is the wettest organ in the body. Scientists have taken it a step further, hypothesizing that, since the body is made up of 80% water, the moon could have a large influence on a human’s state of mind, as well as behavior. Though there has been much research to conclude this idea, there has been just as much reputing it.

However, evidence has been found that firmly confirms the moon’s affect on our sleeping patterns. The evidence was published based on an experiment where 33 adult volunteers, varying in sex and age, spent a few nights in a sleep lab. The scientists studied and observed their brain activity, eye movements and hormone levels. Overtime, they dicovered that on the nights closer to moon days, the volunteers took longer to fall asleep, and slept less than their usual sleeping hours. It was also noted that melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate sleep, levels had dropped in comparison to previous nights. This proves that people are insomnia prone during full moons.

The moon can even affect certain activities, like Ashtanga yoga. This is a traditional, and fairly vigorous, style of yoga that is almost a thousand years old. Those who practice it are asked to avoid doing yoga on what they call moon days, the full moon and the new moon. During this type of yoga, one uses too much energy on the moon days, which can lead to injury and body fractures. It is ill-advised to overuse your body’s energy during this time. Your body will benefit best from activities that calm the mind, such as meditation.

  • Countering the Moon’s Influence.

Be watchful of your behavior, impulses and thoughts on full moon and new moon days. The new moon raises your unconscious, and you can use the moment to cleanse your mind of any bothersome and disturbing thoughts. The new moon energy can be used to our advantage if we choose to harness the energy to reflect and create a better self.


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