Recognizing The Good, Bad And What Works In A Relationship

There isn’t a day that passes when I don’t realize how lucky I am to have found amazing, enduring love early in my life. With a failed seven-year marriage in the works, I was only 25 years old when I crossed paths with the love of my life. Unfortunately, we were both unhappily married to other people. We had both married our high-school sweet-hearts attempting to have a grown-up life, because after all, that’s what you do. Yet between military absences and youth, those sweet-hearts had put us both through the ringer. Regardless of the infidelities on the part of our significant others, we could not bring ourselves to sever those relationships because of the false belief of commitment. Marriage was important and even though our spouses were both cheaters, it was not so easy to pack up and walk out on. Prosperously, they did it for us.

Recognizing untrue deep-seated beliefs and how to free yourself.

  • 5 false beliefs that stop you from finding real love come down to this:

• Your personal convictions and commitment to something you are tethered to through your own integrity.
• Fear of the hurt you will cause another human by admitting your union is a mistake.
• Lack of trust that you deserve to be happy.
• Youth and the ignorance of how precious your time truly is; and finally.
• That it’s necessary to work in a relationship to have a good one.

  • What marriage means to you, is not necessarily what it means to your spouse.

Depending on how you grow up, you may have a set idea of how love should be and what marriage stands for. Convictions when you’re young are still developing and you may not reflect the same personal beliefs that your partner holds, especially at a time when you are quite inexperienced. Your own integrity is tested continuously because you’re in a state of growth and confusion. Trying to love responsibly and do right by another person, even when they are not the right person for you, can cause a deep amount of heartache.

  • Two wrongs never make a right

When you’re young you have a strong ego. You think that the other person cannot be happy without you, so no matter what they do, for instance being unfaithful in the marriage, it is still immeasurable against the hurt you fear you may inflict upon them by leaving. Hurting another person causes tremendous guilt, even when they deserve it.

  • You only have one life and you deserve to be happy

You don’t know that you deserve to be happy until one day you are, and you question how you got there.
While there are a myriad of psychological reasons for passively accepting unhappy life circumstances, it is critical that you realize how very much in control of these circumstances you actually are. Taking action in your life and manifesting good opportunities will connect you with wonderful people and fulfill the happiness you envision for yourself.

Time is of the essenceWhen you are younger you are fearless and invincible, you have all the time in the world to make due with your circumstances, change your partner’s ways, or grow into the people you will strive to become. Consequently, this isn’t how it works. People don’t change, and it is only a waste of time to try and salvage a relationship where there is no trust.

  • Know when to fold your cards; be strong and walk away.

When you find yourself in a relationship that is meant to be, you will be thrilled with how easy it is to be blissful and content. Life brings so many difficult circumstances with it, that the joy and love in your life should be the easy part. You have to work at everything else in life so your relationship should be the part that you are able to look forward to, embrace and enjoy. I am thankful for my failed relationship and for meeting my true love on the heals of that time in my life. Without experiencing how bad a relationship can be you forget to appreciate a solid, loving one.

Source: Mind Body Green


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