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Recharge Your Inner Battery with This Simple Life Hack

Are you feeling stuck in your life right now? Many of us go through periods where we lack of motivation. If you’ve ever felt like something is off in your life, but don’t know what to do to pull yourself out of it, you need a life hack.

The good news is, pulling yourself out of a rut may not be as difficult as you think. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of re-organizing little things in your life, one by one. Part of the stress and depression we experience when feeling “stuck” is the feeling that we’re helpless, and that it’s impossible to change our circumstances. By starting with just the simple things, you restore a sense of confidence and control to your life and motivate yourself to succeed further.

  • It’s The Small Things that Count

Take a moment right now and look around your home. Is it neat and organized, or do you have clutter piling up in corners and on tabletops? Are your drawers filled with junk you no longer need? Try to think about the connection your emotions have to the state of your immediate surroundings. A wise person once told me, “A person’s home is a reflection of what’s happening inside that person.” When our homes are scattered and disorganized, we feel can scattered and disorganized internally as well.

Those letters you were supposed to mail, the emails you forgot to answer, the friend you were meaning to call back but haven’t; the things you’re passionate about doing but have been putting off lately. Think about the connection between these things and your inner state. Some may think that changing yourself on the inside first will manifest itself on the outside; this may be true, but sometimes we’re so overwhelmed that starting with little things on the outside can have a more immediate impact.

  • A Simple Life Hack

Start decluttering your space. Begin with simple things in your immediate environment, gradually letting go of items you no longer use or need. One by one, complete tasks you’ve been putting off. Pay attention to how you feel as you release these items. Feeling lighter is an indication that you’re effectively removing the road blocks that are keeping you stuck. When this happens, you are on the way to liberating yourself.

  • Getting Past Roadblocks

Whenever you feel blocked from achieving your goals, stop and ask yourself, “What is really stopping me from achieving this?” Then, create an action plan and start to take small steps toward achieving your dream. If you want to start a career in professional photography, for instance, but the goal seems insurmountable, start by picking up a beginner’s book on photography. Call up a friend or acquaintance you know who loves photography and ask them to give you some advice. Whatever small steps you decide to take, commit to not putting it off. Every big journey begins with small steps. With enough time and patience, you’ll look back at your own footprint – stretched out far beyond the horizon – and be amazed at how far you’ve come.

 Althea Clarke
Source: Collective- Evolution 


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