Reality IS What You Think It IS

As we learn more and more about the human brain and how it operates. People are starting to ask, “When will we find God?” Because with the new advances in neuroscience, MRI scanning, and PET brain imaging people expect science to show us where God resides in the human brain.

This is been a mystery that has been waiting to be solved for over 2000 years and perhaps longer. There is no doubt that when a profound experience affects us the brain would register such as the enlightenment moment of a Yogi, St. Paul on the road to Damascus, or St. Teresa who felt her heart pierced by an arrow fired from an Angel’s bow.

Marketing we know today can map are very thoughts and ideas as we are watching TV or while we are shopping in the supermarket. This enables them to predict our future wants and needs. Could not this same technology be used during a religious experience or when a mystic is speaking to God? So far, this has not occurred to our knowledge. However, we do know the brain has definite limitations.

If you take a look at the work of NLP guru Richard Bandler who cofounded NLP, we know the human brain has built-in filters put there by culture, language, and our personal experiences garnered over time. This makes us often incapable of understanding another person, another culture, or other worlds outside our experience.

General Semantics a science created by Alfred Korzybski points out very succinctly, than what we perceive is not in fact reality. Our brain is receiving literally trillions of bits of information every second and if we didn’t have an automatic filtering system installed our brains would burnout attempting to process all the information that our senses taken. So filtering is a necessary part of human survival, which also means many people are blind to what is going on around the because of these filtering mechanisms.

Things we see are often based on what our expectations are. We often see what we want to see, which is one reason why documenting psychic phenomenon and religious experiences are so difficult. Investigators are pragmatic and rely on analytical methods, which use primarily the left-brain. While science has shown us people in a state of mystical experience are utilizing both sides of the brain simultaneously with the right side being dominant.

Which brings up to interesting observations:
Everything we see it an experience is weighed equally by the brain before the filtering process takes place.

The corollary of this is reality transcends our ability to analyze it due to our inability to perceive it in a clear manner.

This means that any spiritual experience has to make it through these mechanisms and science can only analyze what it can see, feel, touch, measured so by the very nature of God or any kind of spiritual experience can never be quantified by the current left brain or binary methods used by science and our computers today. We know in reality events occur simultaneously and seeming often chaotic and random. Only after viewed as a whole doesn’t make sense to us. By our very existence, we operate in a linear fashion due to our concept of time. This precludes her ability to perceive something that’s happening simultaneously everywhere in the universe at the same time that is only now being hinted at in the equations of string theory and alternate realities.

“The map is not the territory.” Is a famous phrase coined by Korzbyski. This means we can only describe something in terms our language and the universal constructs we have all agreed upon can be exchanges ideas. In fact, reality itself cannot be proven as are very concept of reality is filtered through our physical senses and we cannot even begin to perceive things outside the range of this senses without the help of specialized technologies.

So in effect, we would be blind to a supernatural being standing next to us or attempting to communicate with us, as we have no means of perceiving their existence or receiving that communication.

Mystics however, have experienced the famous an attempt to translated into terms we can understand the word they often use is called transcendence which is a bridge between what we know with our limited senses and another world which is perceived by a different set of senses that the mystic has somehow unlocked within themselves.

They then spend their lives attempting to communicate their experiences to the rest of us using the crude language that is ill suited to describe things outside the realm of our language and understanding.

The only solution would be to use our science with the spiritual/mystic and by using these new abilities imparted by both the training the mystic has undergone to achieve their enlightened state. Coupling this with the scientific principles on which our society rests with then elevate each human being to the point where they could perceive what the mystic knows to be true.

Until this is done, it will be impossible for science to prove or disprove the existence of God or even that reality exists. This is why the three great mysteries of our consciousness, whether or not the universe is benign, or is atomic motion random will never be answered using scientific methods alone.

The Rife microscope was claimed to be able actually see atomic movement yet the device could only be used by a limited number of operators successfully. The so-called Hieronymus black box can only be operated by people that have developed their sensory awareness beyond that of the ordinary. These crude attempts to fuse technology and an awareness of which is beyond our normal senses is sporadic at best. Which is why these devices have been relegated to pseudoscience or quackery.

So, if a person were to have a truly mystical experience and talk to the creator he would not be able to convey the message or the method by which it he achieved this.

Three men in history have done this and they have changed the course of humanity. Buddha, Jesus, and Muslim prophet Mohammed all were able to go beyond the normal senses and perceive reality in a way we still have not mastered but they all three pointers to a road that if we travel it someday we might achieve the ability to perceive as they did.

Tom – The Seeker

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