Raising Our Consciousness To A New Dimension

There are those who believe that humans are multidimensional creatures, both body and soul, but it is our level of consciousness that traps up in this physical three dimensional matrix. This theory is backed up by the existence of things that are real but cannot be observed with the human eye e.g. air, ultraviolet rays, thoughts, feelings, etc. When we begin to think about our external reality in these terms, it is easier to see that we do indeed exist in multiple multidimensional realities simultaneously.

Nowadays, the existence of a multidimensional reality can be observed, albeit minimally, with the shift t in consciousness that so many people are starting to experience firsthand. In addition, although the scientific community has not been able to properly define this phenomenon, there is still undeniable proof that that shows that these changes are occurring on both a scientific and personal level. With the technologically advanced instruments that are available, science is now gaining the capability to document the effects of other dimensional realities, but not the reality itself.

Humans have begun to evolve into a new species due to the vibrations in and around us that are increasing in speed. However, many of us are unaware of these higher dimensional energies on either a conscious and/or unconscious level; this may lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, lost, hopeless, and/or anxious. Thankfully, when our metaphorical eyes do begin to open, we will not only survive but also thrive like never before.

  • The Different Dimensions

Before we delve deeper into detail, we must explore what the different dimensions are and how they can be identified:

• The third dimension is the material/physical world i.e. what can be experienced with our five senses. Because this is the densest dimension, our energy appears solid here.
• Thoughts and ideas exist in the fourth dimension, the same place that our ego exists and where we label things as good, bad, right, and wrong.

• The fifth dimension is relatively new to humans but we are quickly becoming familiar with it. This is the place that the world van be experienced and felt on an energetic level.

The third, fourth, and fifth dimensions are available for all of us to perceive, but we will need to practice raising our vibrations in order to fully experience them. If someone still identifies with the third dimension, it can be hard to explain the other dimensional concepts because the experience of a higher state of vibration cannot be taught; only felt. Although you may able to grasp this concept on an intellectual level, you will not know the full truth of it.

Raising Your Vibrational Level: What You Need To KnowIt is important to note that there is no finish line when you are committed to raising your vibrational level. That is to say, even if you reach a plateau of sorts, you will eventually experience an even higher level. In other words, this is a lifelong process that may progress even to the afterlife.

The concept of multiple dimensions is relatively new, but if you open yourself up to the truth that is inherent in this theory, you will soon realize that there is no right or wrong place to be on your individual path to a higher consciousness. Along your journey you may come in contact with many different types of people. There are those who are completely immersed in the physical world; they only believe in what they can perceive with the five senses. However, you may also meet those who have experienced astral travel and other similar events.

Throughout your journey, you must always remember that no one is wrong in their perception of themselves and the world. All of us who reside on planet Earth are on a path that is suited for our individual needs and desires; only time can tell if our individual consciousness will evolve.

Eldrina Michel

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