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Dr. Robert Lanza, voted the 3rd most important scientist Aline in the world today by the New York Times. He recently authored a book titled “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe. This book has created quite a stir in the Internet as it points to the fact that life does not end when the human body dies. He suggests that life can last forever!

Beyond Time and SpaceLanza has been quite vocal regarding Biocentrism. This subject dictates that life and consciousness are fundamental to the universe. It suggests that consciousness creates the material world. He posits that intelligence preceded matter in existence. He points out that time and space are not objects but rather they are the tools we as humans need. Lanza explained that we carry space and time with us, in much the same way that turtles carry shells everywhere they go. In the event that the shell comes off, we as humans would still continue existing.The theory of Biocentrism put forward by Lanza suggests that death of consciousness does not exist but as a thought due to the fact that most people are closely identified with their bodies. Consciousness exists beyond the limit/dimension of time and space and can be anywhere, be it within or without the human body.

Multiple WorldsLanza’s theory on Biocentrism has lots of patronage, among whom are physicists and astrophysicists who are in consonance with the concept of the existence of parallel worlds and believe strongly in the existence of multiple universes as well. Andrei Linde, a scientist from Lebedev’s Institute of Physics and currently a professor at Stanford University, developed the theory of multiple universes in the 80’s. Andrei put forward that Space is made up of a lot of inflating spheres that birth other similar spheres and these also give rise to spheres in much greater number and this continues to infinity. He went on to suggest that these universes are well spaced and unaware of the existence of others, but they however are parts of the same physical universe.

SoulThe theory of neo-biocentrism indicates that there exists other universes where people’s souls could move to after death. Dr. Stuart Hameroff explains that a near-death experience could occur when the quantum information residing in the nervous system departs from the human body and is carried away into the universe.According to Stuart and Sir Roger Penrose, a British Physicist, consciousness dwells in the microtubuless of the brain cells and they are the main areas of quantum processing. This information is dispatched from the human body upon death and this makes the consciousness to depart with it. There has been lots of arguments back and forth regarding the fact that the experience of consciousness is the product of the effect of quantum gravity in these microtubules.It is possible that the soul of man may have been around since time began. The brain of man are simply receptors and boosters for the proto-consciousness that is an integral part of space-time continuum.

Dr. Hameroff explained in the Wormhole documentary that when the heart ceases to beat, the blood likewise ceases to flow. This makes the microtubules to lose their quantum state. However, the quantum information in the microtubules is not damaged but becomes distributed to the entire universe. Robert Lanza suggests that the quantum information in the microtubules could potentially exist in a seperate universe.Upon the revival of a patient that experienced a near-death experience, the quantum information goes back into the microtubules but dissipates into the wider universe if the patient dies during such an experience.

A possible explanation has been made here of the theory of quantum information/consciousness as it relates to events like near-death experiences, out of body experience, and other such events. The conscious energy has the ability of being dissipated to a different body at some point in time. It could potentially exist outside the physical body or get recycled back into the wider universe.

Source: Spirit Science and mMtaphysics

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