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How Psychopath Ideology Can Be Crushed By Empathy

Spinoza described a despot as being someone who deceives and manipulates people through fear, to the extent that that they will even fight to stay in servitude. He was talking about the actions of a psychopath who can condition the minds of others so their thoughts and actions are no longer their own.

It takes strength of mind for anyone to stop being compromised in this way, because it involves a direct conflict between a psychopathic mindset and that of an empath.

The spread of fear, greed and hatred in the world is due to a divisive form of competitiveness. When a sense of vanity is developed in one group of people, this leads to the segregation and victimization of anyone who is of a different persuasion.

R.D. Laing has described “violence masquerading as love” as being the biggest cause of human self-destruction. This powerful force has developed in the same way that cancerous cells develop in the human body. When signals fail to reach one cell group, the cells within that group become destructively competitive against other cell groups.

An inability to feel empathy is systematically and subconsciously passed down through generations who fail to communicate with different people or with nature in a healthy way.

Happiness and health cannot flourish in a world where human development is being suppressed in this way. It will only be possible for the world to become more caring and compassionate if humans can learn how to undeceive themselves.

If we are to do this, we must first plant the seeds of truth and allow them to grow big enough to destroy the cycle of hatred, that is infecting human society. The way out of an unhealthy pattern of self-destruction requires more people to rebel against the greater culture and to cultivate the idea of personal freedom.

Lack of individual freedom promotes conformity and allows the psychopath mentality to flourish. Mass deception promotes victimization and inflicts violence. It builds the illusion that power and personal rights are being protected through these actions.

The idea of individual freedom causes anxiety in the majority of those who choose to identify themselves with authority. They use violence because they don’t want to be seen as victims.

In the war between psychopath authorities and the empath individual it is important to know which side we are on.

If we are to start behaving responsibly, we must stop allowing ourselves to succumb to the tyranny of a deliberately deceptive system created by corporations for their own profit. Change is never easy, and habits are difficult to break when they have been designed by corporations and authorities that encourage us to fall in with their virtual versions of the world.

By doubting as much as possible,you will not become a victim of conditioning. By finding the truth you will fail to be possessed by propaganda. Undeceive yourself and you will no longer be a pawn in the power game.

Art has the power to be more transforming than any harsh law or order. It is the only moral way of using deception, because it creates genuine emotions. Deception Can be used in art to transform a psychopath into an empath.

A psychopath never treats another person as an equal and it is through relationships that involve having power over the other person that a psychopath develops a strong sense of invulnerability. An empath can overturn this by demonstrating that malleability is a far greater asset to possess than a solid sense of invulnerability.

Empathy allows your thoughts to take a different form so they can easily adapt to fit another shape. This will take you on a far greater personal adventure than the solid sticking points of psychopathology, which act as a barrier to freedom.

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