The Psychological Trick That Could Help You Reach Your Goals

What is the importance of setting goals? After all, most of the people set goals. The goals vary from individual to individual. We use goals as stepping stones Goals turn our dreams into reality through actionable and achievable steps.

What goals have you set? It may be losing weight, renovating that old or completing a marathon. One of the benefits of goal setting is that it boosts motivation, at least initially. However, as time goes by, the level of motivation may drop. Lack of motivation is what prevents most people from achieving their goals.

The sad reality about goals

Men lie, women lie, but numbers never lie. The statistics reported on goal attainment are very grim. Various studies have been conducted on goal setting and attainment. Studies have revealed that one in three people give up on New Year resolutions by the end of January. Only 46 per cent stick to the resolutions beyond June.

It is important to note that it is not only New year resolutions that fail. Weight loss goals join in the bandwagon, regardless of the time they were launched. Studies have reported that 65 and 95 percent of people who manage to lose weight gain it back in the long run.

Let us not get started with financial grows. Everyone dreams of growing rich, but we are not willing to make sacrifices. For instance, 29 percent of Americans have no viable retirement plan. Not even the traditional pension plan. This, despite the fact that 59 percent of them worry about having not enough money during their retirement period. The sad reality is that we have many goals that go unrealized every passing year. However, on the bright side, making small changes can greatly increase the chances of attaining your goals.

Here are a few tips:

Establishing a goal range

According to goal- setting experts, setting definitive goals is more realistic. Instead of saying you want to lose weight, set a measurable goal. For instance, say” I want to lose 15 pounds this month.”

Quantitative goal setting is an ideal move, but it has a few setbacks. Here is a scenario. Your weight loss goal is to lose 15 pounds by May. By March, you have managed to lose 7 pounds; discouragement may set it. The level of motivation goes down, and chances of killing the dream are very high.

The benefit of creating a goal range is that chances of being successful are high. It is more effective to lose 20-40 pounds instead of setting out to lose 30 pounds. Researchers found out that when participants reach the lower range end, they believed their ultimate goal was successful, and that fueled motivation.

Creating a range for yourself

Setting a goal range is a simple and effective way of changing behavior. Establishing a reasonable range is the first step. It may be saving between $120-$200 on a monthly basis or exercising thrice a week. When you hit the low end of the range set, do not give up. Challenge yourself to get better results next time. That may unlock the potential and motivation that will take you to the next level.

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