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How to Prevent The Occurence Of Disease

Disease occurs when there is an imbalance between how the heart communicates with the brain and the body. Once that imbalance is corrected, disease disappears. The heart produces and electric field which is a hundred times greater than the brain and a magnetic field 5000 times greater. Wouldn’t you rather use your heart to heal?

Emotions are vibrations which consistently influence what is real to us. All of our daily activities involve both a thought process and a feeling process. The success of our chores is determined by both.

Therefore, the ability to remain in perfect health is determined by two factors: our energetic and emotional state. No food, supplement, or exercise is as important as your ability to connect emotionally to your total wellness and well being.
Emotions consist of two components: fear and love. Fear or stress spreads easily and contracts, causing negative reactions within us like diminishing brain activity, a compromised immune system, and a decrease in our perceptive abilities and creativity. If fear carries on for long periods of time, it leads to a total break down. Love produces a high impact and expands, leading to physical and mental strength, creativity, greater productivity, since decisions are made at a faster rate, and there is a higher degree of perception.

The quality of the magnetic field produced by your heart directly influences your experiences and your reality.
The HeartMath theory evolved from research, which showed that the body’s emotional response to occurrences does not always happen when the brain sends signals to the heart and other organs, triggering a response. Instead, our emotional state triggers a heart response, which sends out signals to the brain and other organs, and then the body responds. For example, although there is a two-way communication between the emotional and cognitive systems in the brain, the exact number of neural connections going from the emotional centers to the cognitive centers is more than the those going from the cognitive centers to the emotional centers. This research provides an explanation on how our emotions control our ability to think and act.

Interestingly, researchers involved in the study of HeartMath have been able to determine that the physiology and nerve centers of the heart are so complicated and active, that they could be called a ‘mini brain’. It is now a known fact that the heart contains cells that are capable of producing and releasing norepinephrine and dopamine- neurotransmitters, which were once thought to be produced only by the brain and ganglia surrounding the heart. The heart also produces oxytocin- the ‘love hormone’, in concentrations as high as that produced by the brain.

7 Actions to Take That Produce Positive Feelings

  • 1. Begin each day with an attitude of thanksgiving, and picture your day going as beautifully as you want it to go.
  • 2. Be alert for ways you can be of help to your colleagues, and show them that you care. Show an act of kindness everyday.
  • 3. Think of everyone who helped you today, and thank them in your heart. Think of all you have to do, and know that they would work out well from this space.
  • 4. What would you like to have professionally? A new project? Where? With whom? Think about it in very clear terms and imagine you are already doing it so well.
  • 5. Each time you get done with work each day, be thankful and rid it off all negative emotions(which occur as a result of the false illusion of fear). Make sure you don’t take it home with you and reserve it for the next day.
  • 6. Enjoy the feeling of celebration that wells up in your heart. From this space, take the necessary actions to make it happen.
  • 7. Smile- there is so much stress in a fast paced world, with so much to do and so little time and resources available. Living in the present is just like a fantasy for most of us, and does not apply in our everyday life. Fear is like an plague that is afflicting us in our cellular level, manifesting in terrible diseases like cancer, autoimmune diseases, infertility, hypertension, anxiety, depression, suicide- the list could go on and on. How we choose to handle crises is what matters, because it is possible to be in complete peace within even in the midst of utter chaos.

If we would identify and release our limiting beliefs, we would be freed to make a commitment towards love, compassion, and abundance. This would definitely reflect in our body and intentions.

Joanna Ocean
Source: The Mind Unleashed

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