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The Power Of Death In Living A Healthy Life

Death awaits us all. You may not realize it, but the way you move through your final days reflect the ideals you have tried to uphold throughout your life. Death is more than a simple release from life, it actually symbolizes the way we measure our whole life.

  • History and Traditions

Different cultures and different religions have their own ways of dealing with death and immortality.

In northern Tanzania and southern Kenya, the Maasai tribes believes we are worldly people and will live on in the hearts and minds of our loved ones. They believe in leaving the bodies of their dead out in the open for predators to consume, as just another part of the cycle of life.

In contrast, the ancient Egyptians believed in a spiritual world as evidenced by the fact that their tombs stood taller than their Earthly homes.

Other cultures combine the two, as they feel life and death are so interconnect that immortality is not something we need to strive for, it is something that just is.

Thus, we have to ask if immortality is just a human fantasy, or is it a universal truth that transcends time and space?

  • The Power of Experience

While simple words and visions may inspire us, it is our actual involvement in life that helps to shape what we think, believe, and hold as the truth. All one needs to do is look closely at what they do each day, it is the ordinary and sometimes the extraordinary that will teach you about life and death.

Whether you breeze through your day all alone, or you are surrounded by a variety of psychic phenomena, the basic and universal truth is that what lies beyond life is not relevant, as no one gets to opt out of dying.

It doesn’t take a vision from beyond to understand the truth about life and death. Every time you take the time to stop and simply observe your surroundings, then ponder these reflections, you are reaching beyond to unseen territories in your mind. In doing so you open your mind to both life and death.

  • A few things that you might discover as you take time to stop and smell the roses:

Dying Requires Humility: Most people fear death because they do not have any control over it: death is unpredictable. As our mind and our ego struggle to combine both life and death as normal concepts, it is better for us to understand where we stand on the immortality ladder, and what we need to do to reach the top – on either side of death.

  • Rebirth is Continual:

Each moment of each day our body sheds a small part of itself, while other parts of the body are reborn. Knowing this information allows you to embrace the concept of both life and death. Don’t turn your back on death and dying, it is just another experience on your current journey.

  • Insight into Death:

No one really wants to die. However, knowing it is inevitable, and facing it head on is a way to understand your own self-courage. Face the thought of your own death head on and you can conquer your own doubts and fears about what lies beyond this life. Think about what you want from death, learn from these reflections, then apply this thinking to your everyday life.

  • You Must Die To Live:

The cycle of life is birth to death. Knowing nature, as well as all energy, is continuously cycling through seasons should give you hope for immortality following the death of your mortal body. Don’t dwell on death, but stand up to it, move through it with grace, knowing that the very core of all creation is continuity. When you stop and ponder the wonders of life and death, you will learn that there is death in all life, and there is also the promise of life within all deaths.

Source: Collective-Evolution 


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