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The Positive Side Of The Negative

In today’s society, too often we are taught to avoid the dark and negative things. Those who try to enlighten us on those negative things are often accused of “fear-mongering”, and we are taught to ignore those things that make us uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this attitude is very detrimental to our growth and to society’s growth on the whole. If you go around ignoring the negative and immersing yourself in the positive, you are not effectively dealing with the negative. In fact, by ignoring the negative things in your life and in this world, you are allowing those things to grow. It’s like trying to grow a garden and suddenly weeds appear, how great will your garden be if you just ignore those weeds and focus only on the plants?

  • How can the positive be negative?

If you live your life obsessing over the positive and choosing to ignore the negative, the negative will not go away, nor will you grow or learn from it. Many people think that by focusing on the negative you are inviting the darkness in, but in reality, when you focus on the negative you are, in essence, “putting a light to it” You are empowering yourself with knowledge, and dealing with negative issues head on. While you remain immersed in only the light, the darkness will eventually envelope you and swallow you whole. By learning about the darkness, you can defend yourself against those negative things, and overcome them in a positive way. By simply focusing only on the positive, you effect your own life and your world in a negative way.

  • How can we use the negative for positive?

When we are presented with some news or information that we simply don’t like, we have two choices. We can examine the information, discovering how it relates to us and to those we love; or we can choose to ignore the information, let it go, don’t dwell on it and it will go away. Unfortunately, the second method of dealing with unpleasant news and information just doesn’t work, it won’t go away if we ignore it. Information is not in any way “negative” or “positive”, though it can be spun in any number of ways, it is how we use that information that makes it negative or makes it positive. Much like the saying “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, so information does not hurt people but people can use information as a tool to subjugate and control, information can be used (as any tool) for right or for wrong, for negative or positive purposes. In order to use this information in a positive fashion, you cannot hide from it or be afraid of it, you must learn from it and understand it.

  • Why do we hide from the darkness?

Let’s face it, it’s human nature to try to avoid what makes us uncomfortable. Whether it be a particular task, a type of food, a certain person or unpleasant information or news. Our tendency is to simply not eat that food or get someone else to do that task (if possible), or to avoid those types of people who make us feel uncomfortable. So, naturally, when we hear something or watch something that upsets or disturbs us, we avoid that information. The key point to remember is that we are the one who makes us upset or or disturbed. We choose how we interpret the information or news, the words are meaningless in and of themselves, it is our interpretation of that information that gives it meaning.

There is something within us that tells us to be afraid, or to be upset over what we are viewing or hearing, it is not the information itself. If we choose to examine what is causing us to feel upset over the information, before we react to the information, we can often use that negative information in a way that helps us grow in our understanding and emotionally. Instead of compartmentalizing information as good and evil, we should treat information for it’s purpose, to inform us. Neither seeing it as good or evil, right or wrong, positive or negative, but simply a string of information to be processed and used or discarded as needed.

  • Using the negative to broaden our perception

Once you realize that positive and negative are both sides of the same coin, you begin to broaden your perception to life and this world you live in. By only seeing one side of the coin, you will never understand the whole thing. Our world is made of light and dark, of positive and negative, and it is how we choose to react to these things that shapes how we respond to them. If we learn to take the so-called negative information and examine it without the emotional baggage that sometimes accompanies it, we will find ourselves empowered to seeing through “fear-mongering” or those trying to scare us to get us to act in a certain way. If we educate ourselves to those things that we are afraid of we will find our outlook healthier, and we can focus on turning what we perceive as wrong into what we perceive as right.

We must realize that we are responsible for choosing what information is helpful and discarding that information that has no benefit to our understanding or well-being. We should not be intimidated by what we might instinctively perceive as scary or negative news, but we should approach both the negative and the positive in the same manner. Only then can we begin to see how we can shape our world, only by keeping our eyes open to both the darkness and the light can we learn to overcome the darkness, to shape the darkness and to turn the darkness into a positive thing.

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