Being Positive has Many Emotional & Physical Benefits

We as humans have various thoughts and emotions throughout our everyday life; therefore, in order to be aware of the different effects they can have on your health, surroundings, and relationships, it is important to be able torecognize them.

Barbara Fredrickson, a long-time researcher and author on positive emotion, stated that an individual who constantly cultivates positivity within, can actually help shape his/her outlook on life. Her theory suggests that positive emotion can lead to novel and expansive behavior, which can lead to emotional resilience and long-lasting social relationships.

Furthermore, according to Fredrickson, “Negative emotions are necessary for us to flourish, and positive emotions are by nature subtle and fleeting; the secret is not to deny their transience but to find ways to increase their quantity. Rather than trying to eliminate negativity, she recommends we balance negative feelings with positive ones.”

Striving to have a positive outlook in life, every single day, can broaden your perspective, open your heart and mind–it can bring back light and joy into your life!
Shakespeare said, “Frame your mind to mirth and merriment, which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life.”
The Emotional & Physical Benefits of Being Positive:

You’ll have a faster recovery from cardiovascular stress.

Being positive has proven to be very beneficial for individuals who have cardiovascular disease.

You’ll have better sleep, less headaches, no aches or pain, and a greater sense of joy.

It will expand your perception of what lies in your peripheral vision.

Positive emotions such as hope and curiosity have shown to offer protective benefits from serious diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Studies have shown that being positive can help any individual overcome negative emotions at a fast pace and difficult situations–with a calm spirit.

When you are positive, you are happy, which will lead to better physical fitness, increased flexibility, or a regular exercise routine.

An individual who is positive generally has more social connections, which canhelp you in having a better physical health.

Creativity flows in an individual who stays positive. Believe it or not, happiness and joy have the power to transform us. Of course, there will be dayswhere you won’t feel positive, as there will be days that you’ll feel down, but if you stop and justthink about the happy moments, you’ll help that negative emotion fade away from you in no time.

Negativity takes control over you and can affect your body, spirit, and mind. It is definitely an unpleasant emotion. Being positive makes you live in the present moment and makes you believe in interconnectedness and oneness with everything that surrounds you.

Watching a good sitcom or a stand-up comedy show can help you fade away negativity, as laughter has the power to make you forget about anything unpleasant that’s going on in your life. You can also try to engage in other activities that make you happy, such as exercising, yoga, meditation, painting, walking, oretc. Make sure to live your life…because you only live once!

Frances Luna

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