The Path To Self Awakening

People around the world are beginning to realize they have lost themselves somewhere along their journey through life. A spiritual path towards awakening of Self is taking many on a journey they never thought possible.

The awakening of Self leads to spiritual growth. It is time for people worldwide to open their hearts and allow themselves to grow.

Here are a few things that Self awakening will bring to your life:

  • 1. Rekindle Your Life

As you begin to grow and learn who you truly are, you quickly learn to shed the layers society and culture have placed upon you. You realize that you do not have to live to please others before yourself. Free to set your own goals, free to dream your own dreams, you are an individual on your own journey to self-actualization. Your life’s purpose and potential line up as you work towards fulfilling these new needs. Your passion will grow as you change how you see your life and the world around you.Rekindle your life with your need to feed your passions, secure in knowing that you have the freedom and the power to do so.

  • 2. Abundance Abounds

Now that you no longer believe what the media and people around you are saying, and you have broken free from their clutches, you are ready to find the abundant and infinite in this world. You will feel your horizons as they expand again and again, showing you things you never dreamed possible. Opportunities once closed to you are opening up as you become more aware of this new you.

  • 3. Master “Within” and “Without”

As you go through the process of your Self awakening you will notice yourself tuning in to your own thoughts, emotions and intentions (your own as well as others), as well as delving further into your own psyche and actively seeing the world around you. Most people are unaware of all this energy that surrounds them. Knowing how to control your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions, and balancing them with what is going on around you, is the most powerful force behind Self awakening.

Negative emotions – whether they are your own, or someone around you – actually create blocks in the flow of your positive energy. Removing these blocks is a positive step towards Self awakening.

  • 4. Get Creative

Once you get your heart and mind in proper harmony, and you know your true self, your feelings and what you want, you are free to explore your creative side. You now know that it is useless to worry about how to do things, and to just dive right in and let creativity take over is the best way to nourish your Self. An open mind lets new ideas and solutions show you things you never dreamed possible before.

  • 5. Be Optimistic

As you begin to relate to all of life in a different way, you are free from over-thinking things and free from many of your inner fears. You adapt easily to change now that you know who you are and that Self can change and become rejuvenated with each new life experience. As the Phoenix rose from the ashes, you too can rise and feel reborn each time you embrace the change.

  • 6. Turning Energy Into Positive Changes

Self awakening leads to a strong sense of confidence. Empower yourself with the knowledge that your creative energy will lead you to your life’s destiny. Realize that these creative energies are coming from you – as a creator – and not you, a mere creature on this planet.

  • 7. Like Pieces Of A Puzzle

It is a truly rewarding feeling to see how simple life becomes after you awaken to your real Self. You have goals, and your life has a purpose, and life becomes an enjoyable path to walk again. No longer are you a fragmented part of yourself, you know you fit into a whole.

As you grow in your own peace and self-empowerment, you begin to see that each piece of your life fits together like a giant puzzle. It takes a lifetime to complete this puzzle, but the fun is putting each piece in its proper place at the proper time.

  • 8. Feel The Energy

Life, and all it offers – new adventures, new people, time spent alone and with other people, all the new ideas and changes that come your way – should be an energizing force. Open yourself to each new concept and remove any obstacles that will block your way. When you except yourself, and your life, and fill each with peace and optimism, you cannot help but see the synchronicity that is unfolding right before your eyes. Embrace it, and feel the energy you created.

  • 9. Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is a bit like Jekyll and Hyde. One part opens your creative side and gives you insights that your conscious mind doesn’t even know about. The other side is raw psychic energy that builds up, but remains repressed – that might just lead to sabotaging the Self.

Fortunately, the awakening Self is free from all the blocks, complexes, addictions and other problems most are plagued with. An open and clear mind that is in perfect balance is a strong ally to have. Not only will you get information when you need it, but your mind will send you positive messages rather than anything self-destructive or negative.

  • 10. Reaching Fulfillment

Before learning how to awaken the Self, most people have no clue about what motivates or drives them to do what they do. This leads to blockages, inner turbulence and other difficulties in life. Understanding the awakening of Self is a feeling of being a complete person. You are where you should be and life is just fine. No longer do you long for what other people have, for you are content to be who you are, and are happy to be doing exactly what you are doing.

Source: Inspireamaze

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